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BARLOC is a state of the art fleet fuel management technology that provides simplified fuel management using a dependable barcode system. BARLOC streamlines and secures the fueling process as the truck becomes the fuel card, storing the information necessary to authorize fueling. Through barcodes, the vehicle is linked to the fuel island, single tank, or dispensers, and the flow of fuel is automatically tracked to enable efficient data management.

  • No need for drivers to carry charge cards, fobs, or remember codes
  • Allows the truck to be the purchaser of the fuel, not the driver
  • Fuel is identified with the truck, and only BARLOC barcoded trucks can be fueled
  • Can be used with on-road, off-road, and DEF
  • Optional keyboard for driver pin and/or mileage tracking entry

1. Authorization

Scan barcode on vehicle; only approved barcodes will be authorized.

2. Fueling

Meters are reset, valves are opened and pumping begins.

3. Verification

Barcode is verified within the BARLOC system.

4. Data

Secure transfer of data from BARLOC to the database.

5. Fuel Intelligence Database

Data regarding all details about fueling is collected and displayed securely in the private cloud based customer portal.

6. Reporting

Reports are customized to companies’ specific needs

BARLOC Provides:


Only approved assets get fueled

Data Management

Through a customized reporting suite including IFTA


Fully automated solutions (scanning, releasing fuel, reporting


Useful for sizes ranging from a 500 gallon tank to a large fuel island

Secure, capture, and track each and every gallon of fuel!

BARLOC is a key component of our overall Fuel Management Soution.

Integrated Services include:

  • Truck to Truck Fueling
  • DEF Direct — DEF directly to your truck’s tank
  • Fuel Intelligence — On-line reporting portal and customized reporting
  • Generator Fueling Services — With Optional Tank Monitoring

BARLOC will provide you with enhanced security and critical data you need for inventory control of your fuel without expensive processing fees! Contact our Sales Team for more information today!

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