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The first day of spring is finally here! After a temperamental winter, we can finally anticipate warmer weather in our future. This is a good thing, right? It absolutely is, but there are diesel fuel-related risks you must be aware of as the temperature rises.

Oftentimes moisture falls to the bottom of fuel storage tanks. So as the temperatures increase, consistent maintenance of moisture in your storage tank is more important than ever. Poor operations and maintenance procedures for monitoring and removing water from fuel storage tanks can lead to huge (and costly!) headaches. Risks and damage for allowing water to remain in storage systems include fuel quality degradation, fuel separation, and microbial contamination.

These risks can cause damage to your entire system. Don’t wait until it’s too late. Protect your tanks, reduce your downtime, and reduce your risk by regularly inspecting and maintaining your fuel storage tanks.

Besides frequent tank checks, here are some other tips for protecting your fuel:

  • Check for moisture and to see what’s lurking in your tanks by using the stick and paste method
  • Drain tank bottoms of water and sludge
  • Utilize a moisture control product like Dry Edge™ to eliminate moisture and water build up in fuel tanks

These tips can not only prevent damage to fuel storage tanks, but also reduce your business risk! Take the correct preventive measures now to save you the hassle in the long run. Contact us at 888-900-7787 or visit our website for all your diesel fuel and mobile fueling questions and needs!

Every year, GreenBiz holds their premier annual event for sustainability leaders. This year was the 9th year that the world’s brightest thinkers and most influential sustainability leaders gathered together to discuss the pressing challenges, emerging trends, and biggest opportunities in sustainable business today. Sustainability leaders from all over the world came together for this conference. This year, GreenBiz17 was held February 14th-16th in Phoenix, Arizona. The conference featured 200 speakers from a wide range of sectors and over 900 participants. For those who couldn’t attend the conference, they did a virtual live stream. The three-day conference, along with the virtual live stream audience, had over 3,000 participants turn in to explore and learn more about sustainable business.

GreenBiz offered a combination of presentations, workshops, and networking opportunities. Featured speakers that spoke at the conference were from global companies such as Amazon, Walmart, PespsiCo, Microsoft, and Ebay. After learning from the world’s largest and most successful corporations, attendees were able to choose from six different learning tracks to tackle their own sustainability questions and concerns. The tracks covered topics in areas such as materiality and metrics, purpose and people, new energy landscapes, and risk and resilience in sustainability.

Members from our Diesel Direct team attended the conference including Tori Binda, from our Marketing and Communications department, and Mike Scanlon, Regional Manager from Diesel Direct West. They left the conference with a surplus of knowledge as the nation moves forward with cleaner energy, circular business models, and sustainable supply chains.

GreenBiz17 proved that the nation is not slowing or backing down in their momentum to be green. An important takeaway that stuck with the Diesel Direct team after the conference ended was that the nation doesn’t need just an improvement-we need a sustainability movement. Diesel Direct has made it easy for our customers to join in on our own green movement! We are proud of Pure Energy, our ever-expanding green portfolio.  Pure Energy empowers our customers to Reduce, Conserve, and Renew their carbon footprint. To learn more, contact your regional manager or email PureAirDiesel@dieseldirect.com. See a change by being part of the change!


According to NASA and the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, “Temperatures measured on land and at sea for more than a century show that Earth’s globally averaged surface temperature is rising.” Whatever your beliefs about climate change are, it is a fact that more and more corporations, institutions, and government agencies are trying to put sustainability plans in place and reduce their carbon footprint in a variety of ways.  

You may be asking yourself, “What changes can I make and where should I start?” Diesel Direct can help! We are excited to share the news that we launched a new product that will have a very positive impact on our environment: Pure Air Diesel™. Even though we care about minimizing our carbon footprint, our businesses require us to consume fuel. This produces greenhouse gases that are harmful for the environment. Pure Air Diesel enables your business to reduce its carbon footprint by supporting certified local projects that significantly reduce greenhouse gases. So although it is impossible to eliminate your carbon footprint altogether, by choosing Pure Air Diesel, you can offset your fuel in fleets, boats, trains, or generators in order to achieve carbon neutrality!

We have made it incredibly easy to reduce emissions and meet your environmental objectives. Pure Air Diesel not only meets your environmental goals, but your business goals too. Benefits to signing up for our exclusive program are:

  • Attract a growing number of environmentally-conscious consumers and employees by differentiating your brand as leader in sustainability
  • Identify potential risks and opportunities by assessing your business’ environmental impact
  • Better the long-term health of your business and enhance your public image

With each gallon of Pure Air Diesel, we are creating a greener footprint. It is simply good for you and our Earth. Help the environment and show your customers that your company is green! Learn more today by contacting your regional manager or emailing PureAirDiesel@dieseldirect.com. We make it easy to be green!

Diesel Direct’s core company foundation is built on servicing each customer’s needs one gallon at a time. Truck fleets throughout the United States have learned that Diesel Direct’s system of on-site fleet fueling saves thousands of dollars in labor and increases their productivity, but did you also know that our mobile fueling services helps the environment and reduces carbon emissions being released into the atmosphere? We take extreme pride in providing the safest and most environmentally friendly fuels possible in the most energy efficient way. To further this dedication to the environment, we expanded our green portfolio by acquiring Pure Energy in November of 2015.

Over the past year, we have continued to expand our Pure Energy portfolio by focusing on both environmentally friendly and vehicle safe solutions. We have created our very own suite of green offerings in order to give our customers the opportunity to reduce their carbon footprint. Our suite of green offerings include:

  • Environmentally friendly products and services
  • Fuel delivery provided in the most energy saving way
  • Pure Air Diesel, a green option for our customers to help reduce their carbon impact through offsets
  • Tools and guidelines to empower our customers to become green heroes

Diesel Direct is the transportation industry’s largest dedicated national mobile refueling company. By delivering fuel in 45 different states, stretching from Massachusetts to Hawaii, we’re in a unique position to put our sustainable goals into practice. We are dedicated to reducing our carbon footprint by proactive programs in the communities where we live and work, as well as efforts that introduce our customers to new fuel technology and easy ways to reduce the greenhouse gas emissions associated with fuel burn. We welcome and urge you to explore what Pure Energy can offer your business in terms of products, knowledge, and concrete steps to make our Earth a healthier and greener place!

Be a green hero today by joining our Pure Energy program! Visit one of our five brand new Pure Energy pages to learn more. You can also receive more information by contacting your regional manager or e-mailing PureEnergy@dieseldirect.com. The Earth is at stake-do not wait! Be a part of a change that is not only beneficial to your business, but also to the environment.

Diesel Direct customers greatly benefit from the reliability of mobile fueling services for their truck fleet and company equipment. With all of their machines, equipment, or vehicles running at maximum capacity for hours at a time, it is not unusual to burn through a large amount of fuel. Do you ever find your business requiring additional fuel in between your regularly scheduled Diesel Direct visits? If so, fuel storage tanks would be the ideal option for you!

Having an on-site tank allows you to have your own fuel source. Running out of fuel will no longer be an issue because you will have fuel at your fingertips-when and where you need it! You can have a piece of Diesel Direct at your job site. We provide and fill your fuel storage tank in the safest and most efficient way possible.

Tank features include:

  • Sturdy, double walled steel structure
  • Built in pump and meter
  • Portable and durable
  • 110% containment capacity
  • Optional state of the art monitoring technology

This is just the beginning of the features and benefits of our fuel storage tanks. Our tanks are not just convenient, but versatile as well. We can custom design tanks to support your specific needs. Do you want a secure and permanent tank? We have it! Do you want a gasoline tank trailer? We have it! Do you want an environmentally friendly solar powered tank? We even have that!

Our tanks have proven to be an excellent fuel storing solution for many of our mobile fueling customers, saving them both time and money. So do not wait, let Diesel Direct take care of all your fuel storage tank or skid tank needs today! Contact us to see how you can get your own specialty tank at your job site or visit our website to learn more. You can tank us later!

Before the weather officially switches to cold and bitter temperatures, we must share some crucial information regarding your fuel. At Diesel Direct, we consistently stress the importance of good housekeeping measures with our mobile fueling customers. Recently though, national studies have released information that backs up our claims of the importance of consistent and correct housekeeping. Research has shown that diesel contamination could be a broad problem that must be brought to the attention of all.dry-edge-bugs

Government agencies have noticed that the reduction of sulfur in diesel fuel has resulted in more corrosion issues. Sulfur acts as a good antibiotic, so when it is removed, it can cause harmful moisture, bugs, and particulates. Microbial contamination is a huge headache you need to avoid because it can cause damage to your fuel.

What can you do to prevent having these issues? Look no further because Diesel Direct has you covered! Microbiocide, our two-prong additive and Dry Edge™ are designed to eliminate microbial contamination. Additional benefits of utilizing Dry Edge are:

  • It works to eliminate moisture, which can lead to bugs
  • It extends the life of fuel filers, fuel injection pumps, and fuel injectors by helping to remove moisture from the fuel system
  • It helps prevent fuel system icing by providing moisture control
  • It is environmentally safe and alcohol free

Dry Edge is effective in all diesel fuels and all biodiesel blends. Do not let the diesel bug creep into your fuel! Contact Diesel Direct today to learn how Dry Edge can complement your fuel or to place an order for your very own diesel fuel supply. We conveniently offer it in gallon and quart sizes.

Summer at Diesel Direct has been full of productivity and growth. We have been busier than ever as we have expanded our diesel fuel delivery and fleet fueling services to 45 states! Along with this exciting growth, our summer has also been filled with charitable spirit here at Diesel Direct. We used the size and power of our company to strive to achieve a positive environmental and social impact. We took active steps to improve our environmental impact by hosting an upcycling program and to improve the well-being of our society, we participated in numerous fundraisers and donated to a handful of worthwhile charities. 14225505_434798430028633_1838733350064341337_n

Diesel Direct is a committed and faithful supporter of The Jimmy Fund. We come together as a company multiple times a year to raise money for this life changing charity. This summer, week-by-week, employees participated in team building and fundraising activities to raise money. In addition to this, we held an upcycling program. We upcycled old electronics such as IPhones, laptops, PCs, TVs, and IPads. Upcycling nearly doubles the environmental impact of recycling and keeps equipment and parts up the life cycle through the re-use of whole units and parts. The revenue we received from our old electronics was then donated back to The Jimmy Fund and Dana Farber Cancer Institute. This program was not only a great way to help the environment, but it transformed retired electrics into charitable giving.

Aside from the two fundraisers we held in honor of The Jimmy Fund, Diesel Direct donated to various other charities throughout the summer. Our charitable contributions supported youth clubs, charity golf tournaments, clambakes, road and bike races, local college universities, and numerous military organizations. As Diesel Direct continues to expand and incorporate new products and services, our commitment to charities will also continue to grow, especially as we head into the holiday season!


Fuel is a sensitive product that requires special care. Refined fuels, such as diesel and gasoline, have a limited lifespan and can easily degrade over time. What can you do to avoid problems that may arise from improper fuel care? Diesel Direct has our very own line of additives that work hand-in-hand with diesel fuel! As another season is winding down, our additives are designed to protect fuel no matter the temperatures we may face. Our additive collection is compiled of the following:

Fuel’z Edge:

This is our proprietary formula designed to clean, stabilize, and provide cold weather protection for diesel fuel stored in fuSuite of additivesel tanks of all sizes ranging from large bulk tanks to small skid tanks and generator tanks.

Winter’z Edge

This product is our proprietary diesel fuel emergency treatment designed to give you an edge when extreme winter weather challenges your fuel performance. It can help melt frozen fuel filters, restore fuel to liquid state, disperse water, and is effective in all diesel fuels including biodiesel blends.

Dry Edge:

Dry Edge is designed to solve issues caused by water. This additive provides enhanced moisture control and can reduce water contamination in fuel tanks, generators, and storage tanks. It is designed to complement Diesel Direct’s RoadChamp premium diesel or other diesel fuels.

Along with the many product benefits listed above, all three additives are environmentally safe and alcohol free! Our additives conveniently come in gallon or quart sized bottles that can easily be added to diesel fuel. Adding Fuel’z Edge, Winter’z Edge, or Dry Edge into the fuel is simple, but should you have any questions, Diesel Direct professionals are happy to assist you.  Contact us to learn more or to order your very own bottle today!

On July 22nd, the Soberanes Fire was started from an illegal 2 feet by 2 feet campfire. Since the 22nd, the fire has swept through 70,600 acres of land, destroyed 57 homes, and took the life of one person. The fire shows no sign of slowing down. As of today, the fire is still expanding, primarily into the wilderness on the south and southeast side of Montery County.
More than 5,100 brave and selfless firefighters are battling the Soberanes blaze, along with air tankers, helicopters, bulldozers and at least 300 fire engines. Diesel Direct was asked to assist with trucks, drivers, and tanks for the last week or so in safe zones and hotel parking lots to keep them going.

Diesel Direct is positioned in 45 states and offer disaster relief and emergency services with 24/7 dispatch of tanks, trucks and manpower to handle all your needs. As we have seen and many of us have unfortunately experienced first-hand, disasters such as the Soberanes Fire can arise anywhere at any time. Next time a disaster strikes, make Diesel Direct the one you call. We provide a unique opportunity for our customers to properly manage their fuel needs in emergency situations with our Business Continuity Programs. With proper preparation and information, you can be ready to face natural disasters such as hurricanes, earthquakes, fires, and winter storms head-on! Through natural and manmade disasters, Diesel Direct is here to help you along the way.

Hurricane season is quickly approaching with August, September, and October being the months with the most hurricanes in the United States. According to a forecast prepared by Colorado State University, a total of 12 named storms, 5 hurricanes, and 2 category 3 or higher hurricanes are expected this season. The Weather Channel states, “One or more of the 12 named storms forecast to develop this season could hit the U.S., or none at all. Therefore, residents of the coastal United States should prepare each year no matter the forecast.” So, how and what should we prepare for? palm-tree-1406738-639x852

From past experiences with storms and the destruction they can cause, businesses know how important it is to have a generator on site. But did you know that having a generator doesn’t automatically mean you are prepared for whatever Mother Nature throws at you? 80% of generator failures are due to a direct result of issues relating to fuel!

A large number of generators fail because of the following fuel related problems:

  • Insufficient supply– is there enough fuel in the generator?
  • Poor quality fuel– does your fuel meet the spec?
  • Stagnant fuel–from the moment fuel hits your tank, it begins to degrade, so how long has the fuel been sitting?
  • Microbial Growth– what is lurking in your tank? Harmful microbes, fed by moisture, time and temperature, can cause system failure.

Fuel housekeeping for generators is just as important as actually having one during hurricane season! So, before a storm approaches, take the steps to properly prepare your business by calling Diesel Direct, your diesel fuel professionals! Diesel Direct provides premium fuel for emergency generators of all sizes. We also offer Business Continuity Protection Programs, ensuring priority service during those difficult times.  Our Platinum Program offers yearly testing of fuel for water and microbial contamination.  Diesel Direct also can provide tank monitoring technology to monitor fuel levels remotely and schedule automatic deliveries based on actual need or pre-determined minimum levels.  Contact us today to learn more about our generator fueling and protection services!