Diesel Direct

FUELLOC Features


FUELLOC secures the fueling process and ensures only authorized vehicles are able to dispense fuel. All assets and equipment are tied to fuel type to provide correct fueling. FUELLOC has an optional alpha-numeric keypad for driver pin and/or mileage verification.

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Inventory Control


Access to real time data reflecting accurate tracking of gallons flowing from the tank or dispenser. FUELLOC reads pulses and fluid meters to gather volumes consumed and works with a cellular modem which sends heartbeats to a central computer service center. Every gallon is accounted for and tracked!

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Can be used over a range of sizes from a single 500 gallon tank to a large fuel island, including mobile tanks and other mobile fueling capabilities. Also FUELLOC can be used for a variety of products: On & off road diesel Gasoline Diesel Exhaust Fluid.!

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Easy Installation and Around the Clock Coverage

Inexpensive solution, quick installation process, and straightforward system provides easy user management. This solution is a service, provided by FUELLOC. We just don’t install the product and go away. We are responsible for the performance of the solution, no need to manage it yourself. Plus, FUELLOC customers have access to 24/7 customer service through our toll free number 888-900-7787, or onsite at www.FUELLOC.com/customer.

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Real-Time Data Management and Reporting and Straightforward User Management

FUELLOC customers can access a state-of-the-art cloud based platform called Fuel Intelligence. View FUELLOC activity as well as all other fueling activity integrated into one place. In addition, access the dispatch delivery dashboard which provides customer management as well as dispatch and transportation management in a user friendly interface.

On the Fuel Intelligence platform, access:

  • Relevant fueling details
  • Invoices
  • Customizable reporting options

On the dispatch delivery dashboard, view:

  • Inventory control
  • Real-time updates
  • KPIs

Have complete control over:

  • Addition of assets
  • Changes and deletion of assets
  • Adjustments to driver credentials
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Long-Lasting Solution

FUELLOC’s design is both sleek and durable. The dispensing technology has a weather resistant aluminum construction so that it can withstand extreme weather. We have several patents pending for this solution using iOT technology to provide:

  • Messaging back and forth between the site and our cloud-based back-end application to sense up and down conditions
  • Security of the system
  • Reconcile assets and transactions
  • Provide real-time fueling information

Preventive maintenance and plug-and play devices ensure the solution will stand the test of time. We will continue to advance the product and are responsible for consumable products associated with the proper functioning of your FUELLOC technology.

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