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Is your business ready to weather the storm?

Hurricane season will be here before we know it. The official start date is June 1 and continues through November 30. The 2017 season featured 17 named storms, 10 hurricanes and 6 major hurricanes – one of the most active hurricane seasons to date. The forecast for 2018 is predicting a very active hurricane season as well. As it is Hurricane Preparedness Week, it’s a great time to review best practices on preparing before a potential disaster strikes. Is your business ready to weather the storm?   Develop an emergency plan – Diesel Direct offers Business Continuity Programs to ensure you receive the fuel you need in advance of a weather event that could leave you without fuel or access to fuel for an extended period. Gather supplies – Diesel Direct can help you prepare by... Read More →

Benefits of a Fuel Management System

Managing fuel consumption, distribution and storage can be a challenge to track.  With a variety of assets and types, and your fleet on the go, there are many important components.  Implementing a fuel management solution like FUELLOC by Diesel Direct solves the challenges associated with managing fueling assets. Key benefits of FUELLOC include: Security – Only authorized vehicles are dispensed fuel and are associated with a fuel type to provide the correct type. All applications require a username and password, there’s also an option to have a drive enter a personal pin. Inventory Control – Real-time data reflects accurate tracking of the gallons flowing form the tank or dispenser. Versatility – All types of liquid can be managed and tracked through FUELLOC including on and... Read More →

CAUTION: Arctic Blasts Ahead

According to The Weather Channel, the Northeast and Midwest are expected to see potentially record-setting subfreezing temperatures this weekend.  Is your fleet prepared?  A couple days of freezing temperatures can cause some potential issues for your trucks, including freeze-ups and no starts.  Freeze ups are usually preventable with some fleet housekeeping. The best housekeeping tip we can offer is to address water in your fuel, NOW! While water is a year-round contaminant for diesel fuel, freezing temperatures pose serious issues for the entire fuel system.  Ice particles can cause filters to become blocked and prevent the fuel from flowing freely to the fuel injectors.  If you haven’t already, drain the water separator, saddle tanks, and change filters to the largest micron filter... Read More →

Water and Diesel Don’t Mix!

This is a sample that was removed from the bottom of a storage tank. Looks gross, right? In this sample, two major fuel problems were identified – microbial growth and moisture. Diesel fuel tanks can be a prime breeding ground for microbial growth or “diesel bugs” when the fuel is left untreated.  Microbes can be present in the air which allows them to be found in the fuel.  Since diesel fuel and moisture create the right environment to feed the bugs; finding them in tanks is not exactly uncommon.  Diesel bugs create a gel-like consistency that eventually become a genuine problem for your fuel injection system.  The best way to prevent microbial growth is to reduce the moisture in diesel fuel tanks. As the winter months approach, moisture becomes an even bigger issue.  Since water... Read More →