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Fuel At Your Fingertips

Diesel Direct customers greatly benefit from the reliability of mobile fueling services for their truck fleet and company equipment. With all of their machines, equipment, or vehicles running at maximum capacity for hours at a time, it is not unusual to burn through a large amount of fuel. Do you ever find your business requiring additional fuel in between your regularly scheduled Diesel Direct visits? If so, fuel storage tanks would be the ideal option for you! Having an on-site tank allows you to have your own fuel source. Running out of fuel will no longer be an issue because you will have fuel at your fingertips-when and where you need it! You can have a piece of Diesel Direct at your job site. We provide and fill your fuel storage tank in the safest and most efficient way... Read More →

Caution! Chance of Diesel Bugs Ahead!

Before the weather officially switches to cold and bitter temperatures, we must share some crucial information regarding your fuel. At Diesel Direct, we consistently stress the importance of good housekeeping measures with our mobile fueling customers. Recently though, national studies have released information that backs up our claims of the importance of consistent and correct housekeeping. Research has shown that diesel contamination could be a broad problem that must be brought to the attention of all. Government agencies have noticed that the reduction of sulfur in diesel fuel has resulted in more corrosion issues. Sulfur acts as a good antibiotic, so when it is removed, it can cause harmful moisture, bugs, and particulates. Microbial contamination is a huge headache you need to... Read More →

Spreading Charitable Cheer For All To Hear!

Summer at Diesel Direct has been full of productivity and growth. We have been busier than ever as we have expanded our diesel fuel delivery and fleet fueling services to 45 states! Along with this exciting growth, our summer has also been filled with charitable spirit here at Diesel Direct. We used the size and power of our company to strive to achieve a positive environmental and social impact. We took active steps to improve our environmental impact by hosting an upcycling program and to improve the well-being of our society, we participated in numerous fundraisers and donated to a handful of worthwhile charities.  Diesel Direct is a committed and faithful supporter of The Jimmy Fund. We come together as a company multiple times a year to raise money for this life changing charity.... Read More →

Good Things Come in Threes!

Fuel is a sensitive product that requires special care. Refined fuels, such as diesel and gasoline, have a limited lifespan and can easily degrade over time. What can you do to avoid problems that may arise from improper fuel care? Diesel Direct has our very own line of additives that work hand-in-hand with diesel fuel! As another season is winding down, our additives are designed to protect fuel no matter the temperatures we may face. Our additive collection is compiled of the following: Fuel’z Edge: This is our proprietary formula designed to clean, stabilize, and provide cold weather protection for diesel fuel stored in fuel tanks of all sizes ranging from large bulk tanks to small skid tanks and generator tanks. Winter’z Edge: This product is our proprietary diesel fuel emergency... Read More →