Diesel Direct

Fuel Quality

The Diesel Direct Difference

What sets Diesel Direct apart from other fuel suppliers? The answer is the superior quality of the fuel that we deliver directly to your tanks!


      Our diesel fuel is blended with 2%-5% Biofuel, a clean burning energy made of vegetable oil, fatty acids,  and other renewable substances that are found naturally on earth. 

 This means that the fuel that Diesel Direct delivers to your tanks  will burn cleaner and less harmful emissions will enter into the atmosphere.

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Fuel solidification due to cold air exposure

 Our premium diesel fuel is treated with winter or cold flow additives and kerosene blends to keep your fleet or equipment performing to its full potential, even in harsh winte conditions.

 Tanks that are filled with untreated or low-grade fuel  risk  clogged filters  and engines due to exposure to cold air, often results in fuel solidification

Our premium fuel, coupled with the maintenance programs offered by Diesel Direct, enable us to prevent the damaging effects of water exposure and condensation

Whether it is due to humidity during hot summer months or gelling winter weather, we will ensure that your tanks eliminating the spaces that allow for water damage and its associated risks

Damage from water exposure

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