Diesel Direct

Being Green

We Started Our Being Green Program in 2009

We worked with Freightliner trucks, Cummins Engines, and Eaton transmissions to build the first diesel electric hybrid truck in the USA. The vehicle, a 2800 gallon Mobile fleet fueling truck, has been owned and tested by Diesel Direct for more than two years and achieves a 30% higher MPG than similar trucks on similar routes.

Some of the contributions to our Being Green Program include…

  • We use Cummins ISC motors for all of our power equipment: they are the newest DEF equipped motors and achieve the maximum MPG for our operations.  
  • We purchase only sales and branch automobiles that get more than 30MPG
  • Nearly all of our ancillary vehicles that were fuel eating pickup trucks have been replaced with efficient Ford Connects
  • All Diesel Direct employees that drive company owned vehicles are trained on best practices for maximizing their fuel efficiency to further improve their environmental impact.