Diesel Direct

Corporate Fleet Card Programs

The Corporate Fleet Card that Fuels Your Business

Get the Most out of Your Fuel from Diesel Direct with the Comdata MasterCard® Corporate Fleet Card and the CFN Card.

Our Popular Comdata MasterCard Corporate Fleet Card

With our convenient Corporate Fleet Card, you can manage all of your fleet expenses in a single card. You can easily set expense limits and other card controls, access detailed reporting, and even get fuel discounts!

This card provides a simple solution to manage all company expenses with flexibility, security, and savings! Contact your Account Manager to learn more about the card and to apply today!

Our Universally Accepted CFN Card Program

Our CFN card program is designed to give you maximum control by providing electronic purchasing and easy access to fuel for your over-the-road drivers. It’s easy to access fuel 24/7 at over 57,000 convenient locations. As an extra benefit, you have access to itemized accounting for each transaction. Establish profiles for individual drivers, or your entire fleet, and set limits on daily transactions, gallons, products and even create active time slots.

Maximize Your Fuel Purchases with Our Corporate Fleet Card Programs

Save Money Worldwide

Get access to deep retail fuel discounts plus acceptance at 30+ million locations worldwide with your Diesel Direct MasterCard.


Consolidate all fuel and transportation related purchases including retail, mobile, and bulk into a single program and invoice.

Helpful Alerts and Monitoring

With FleetAdvance, get 24/7 transaction monitoring and instant email notifications for full transparency of costs.

Practical Card Controls:

Easily place limits on transactions such as types of product categories, services, volume, and dollars spent.

If you’re looking for real-time data, complete control and security, efficiency, and savings in fuel costs in a corporate credit card, the Diesel Direct CFN or Comdata MasterCard is the solution!

Contact us today to learn how our fuel card can help you better manage all of your fleet fueling, fleet maintenance, business travel expenses, and more.

The Diesel Direct Comdata Corporate Fleet Card is issued by Regions Bank, pursuant to a license by MasterCard International Incorporated. MasterCard is a registered trademark of MasterCard International Incorporated.