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Partner Program

Diesel Direct Delivery Partner Program

Get Access to Premium Fuel, Industry-Leading Technology and More Advantages as Our Partner

Do you know that we offer technology to our trusted partners to automate the fueling process? Do you want to eliminate the process of collecting manually transcribed fueling reports and sending them to Diesel Direct?

Handheld Automation Program

Save Time at Each Fuel Delivery and Give Your Customers the complete Diesel Direct experience

With the FUELLOC handheld technology we use, fuel deliveries to Diesel Direct customers are faster and more efficient. Data is seamlessly transmitted back to Diesel Direct for billing and invoicing - so there is less for you to do at deliveries and you’ll get paid even faster than you do now. FUELLOC eliminates the need for manual intervention to collect the data and manually send it to Diesel Direct.

It’s easy to get started. We’ll send you everything you need: a handheld device; portable printer; and easy-to-use quick start guides.

With FUELLOC, Drivers Can:

  • Easily scan our barcodes*
  • Quickly deliver the fuel product
  • Seamlessly record the gallons dispensed
  • Print a receipt ticket to leave at the delivery site
  • Automatically transmit data to Diesel Direct for customer invoicing. Read More

The data on total gallons delivered is automatically transmitted to the FUELLOC Fleet Portal. Diesel Direct can invoice our customers quickly after delivery. Sign up for instant payout, and your payment can be out to you in our next payables cycle, with no additional work on your end to get payment. Read Less

*One-time barcode set up is required — the application walks you through the process.

Even More Benefits from Our Handheld Automation Program

Get Paid Even Faster

The quicker we can invoice our customers, the quicker we can pay you.

Strengthens Our Partnership

Helps us grow our customers in the region you help us supply.

Increases Efficiency

Digitally transmitting data reduces our work – and invoice – by one day.

Ready to use our handheld technology to streamline deliveries?

We’re here to help you get started!