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With Pure Energy, Sustainable Diesel is Cost-Effective and High-Performing

Diesel Direct is strongly committed to sustainable energy and renewable diesel. We take pride in providing the safest and most environmentally friendly fuels possible in the most energy efficient way. Our ever-expanding green fuel products, Pure Energy, empowers our customers to reduce their carbon footprint, while running growing businesses. By focusing on this continuum, we provide a balanced, cost-effective, and one-of-a-kind carbon-neutral solution.

How Our Fuel Fleet Stays Green

At Diesel Direct, we strive to deliver as many green fuels, products and services using emissions-reducing products in our own fleets to minimize our carbon footprint.

  • Our fuel delivery trucks are equipped with after treatment systems including DPF, SCR, and DOC systems and technology that remove emissions in the exhaust flow.
  • All Diesel Direct drivers are trained on best practices for optimal fuel efficiency to further reduce their carbon emissions.
  • We use Neste MY Renewable Diesel in our own fleet in California and Oregon
  • Our fleet is made up of primarily newer trucks, plus every truck at Diesel Direct uses environmentally-friendly and emission-compliant after-treatment systems.
  • We recap all our tires to extend the full life of the tires up to 8 years, creating less waste and more efficiency.
  • In 2010, we built the nation’s first electric diesel hybrid truck. The 16-ton truck contains a Cummins and Eaton hybrid engine and 25% higher fuel economy over similar trucks with diesel engines.
  • We offset the fuel we burn while operating our business; every gallon we deliver is transported by our carbon neutral fleet. Learn more on our Pure Air Diesel page.

In addition, Diesel Direct recycles the following fleet related supplies:

  • Entire trucks
  • Used engine oil (used to heat our branches in the winter)
  • Old batteries
  • Used tires

Creating a greener footprint—one gallon at a time!

Try our fuel products to reduce emissions

Pure Air Diesel provides our customers the ability to offset carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions generated from their fuel use. The gallons delivered by Diesel Direct can be offset by funding certified environmental projects that remove CO2 from the atmosphere. We make it easy for our clients to reduce emissions and meet their environmental goals.

All trucks made in 2010 and after require DEF. DEF is a non-hazardous solution of water and urea that is injected into the exhaust stream of diesel vehicles. The product is basically a highly concentrated fertilizer and is biodegradable. DEF is truly beneficial for the environment because it works with diesel fuel to reduce harmful emissions and greenhouse gases, such as nitrogen oxides, during the fuel burning process. DEF breaks down into ammonia (NH3) and reacts with NOx in the SCR systems to produce nitrogen (N2) and water (H2O).

Next generation bio-based diesel fuels are helping reduce the use of fossil fuels. Biodiesel is good for the environment because it is derived from agricultural feedstock, soybeans, and animal fats and can reduce carbon emissions by an astounding 50 percent, according to the U.S Environmental Protection Agency. Biodiesel is produced domestically using natural products such as plant oils, animal fats, and even recycled cooking oil. We are proud to be a leading provider of biofuels and a Federally Licensed Blender.

Apart from our standard offerings of biodiesel and Diesel Exhaust Fluid, we also provide heating oil for commercial businesses. We offer a truly green heating oil option called Bioheat fuel. It is an eco-friendly heating fuel that is a combination of standard heating oil blended together with biodiesel.

RoadChamp is our premium diesel fuel. One important feature of the product is it contains a detergent designed to keep injectors clean and helps maintain fuel economy at an optimum level. This is important because dirty injectors can reduce mpg and lead to unnecessary fuel burn and increased carbon dioxide emissions.

Our Edge Family of Fuel Additives are formulated to treat specific issues which affect fuel. Fuel’z Edge, Winter’z Edge, Power’z Edge, Pure Edge and Dry Edge are environmentally-safe and alcohol free. Fuel’z Edge cleans and stabilizes diesel fuel stored in bulk tanks and generators, Winter’z Edge is a diesel fuel emergency treatment providing excellent winter performance.

Neste MY Renewable Diesel, available in California and Oregon, is a premium diesel fuel that is high cetane, colorless, odorless, and cleaner-burning. Since it has nearly the same chemical structure as petroleum diesel, renewable diesel can be used in any kind of diesel engine, with no blending required. Our renewable diesel is CARB approved and is compatible with any current fuel storage tanks and diesel engines.

Ready to run your fleet of trucks, equipment and more on environmentally-friendly fuel without compromising on performance?

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