Diesel Direct


Diesel Direct’s Leading Technology Creates a Better Fueling Experience.

From the first drop of fuel delivered, our innovation end-to-end technology makes it easier, faster, and more efficient to manage your project, job-site or fuel-driven business

Data-Driven Fueling Solutions

With Diesel Direct, you get access to our innovative closed-loop fueling system to help you make each drop of fuel, gasoline or DEF go the distance for your business.

  • Reliable fuel tracking for better fuel management
  • Scalable fuel intelligence, so every project runs on budget
  • Seamless customer onboarding in minutes
  • Transparent tracking for every step of the process
  • Automatic invoicing that is both fool-proof and fast


Our proprietary Fuel Intelligence Portal helps you get the most out of every drop of fuel delivered, with easy, convenient and powerful data to run your project, job-site or business even better.


From the time fuel is delivered, to how much fuel is loaded into each tank, generator, truck or operational asset, you can track it all.


With Diesel Direct, the most valuable and actionable data is at your fingertips so you can reduce costs and save money.


100% secure sign-in only access to detailed reports for IFTA, invoices, and delivery tickets that keep your business moving.

End-to-End Automation for Easy Delivery

Our trucks are equipped with the latest technology to allow for secure delivery and real-time secure data transfer.


Easy-access auditable fuel data helps you understand your fuel inventory, maintenance needs, fuel schedules, and tax profile.

Powered by FUELLOC® Technology

Diesel Direct has invested in the future with FUELLOC®, a leading-edge IoT (Internet of Things) technology that provides a secure, detailed fuel management ecosystem on every truck and on-site tank in your environment. FUELLOC secures and measures the fuel as it is dispensed – easily keeping track of fuel consumption and providing critical data on usage. The completely automated business process is built to securely and safely capture real-time data at the truck or tank and transmit to our secure cloud platform.

We proudly offer this platform to all our partners.

Our data integration strategy and competencies include the whole supply chain from receiving truck transactions with an industry-leading catalog of data integration options.

Better Data to Drive Your Business Harder

We believe the smarter the data, the greater your fuel management. By gathering and transforming data into customizable reports, we provide you with greater insights into fuel costs and consumption. We make it easier to track and manage your fuel consumption

  • Receive automated end-to-end data collection
  • Access auditable reporting
  • Analyze asset fuel consumption
  • Budget for future fueling needs