Diesel Direct


Diesel Direct’s Leading Technology Creates a Better Fueling Experience.

From the first drop of fuel delivered, our innovation end-to-end technology makes it easier, faster, and more efficient to manage your project, job-site or fuel-driven business

Data-Driven Fueling Solutions

With Diesel Direct, you get access to our innovative closed-loop fueling system to help you make each drop of fuel, gasoline or DEF go the distance for your business.

  • Reliable fuel tracking for better fuel management
  • Scalable fuel intelligence, so every project runs on budget
  • Seamless customer onboarding in minutes
  • Transparent tracking for every step of the process
  • Automatic invoicing that is both fool-proof and fast


Our proprietary Fuel Intelligence Portal helps you get the most out of every drop of fuel delivered, with easy, convenient and powerful data to run your project, job-site or business even better.


Choosing to sell your business is navigating through a sea of emotions and calculated decisions. It's more than a transaction; it's handing over a legacy you’ve meticulously built and nurtured, akin to a family. As you contemplate this significant transition, aligning with a partner that respects your journey, employees, customer relationships, and the legacy you’ve created is paramount. At Diesel Direct, we comprehend these layers, ensuring that your next chapter is both rewarding and honorable.

Why Diesel Direct?

We bring to the table not just extensive industry expertise but a genuine understanding of the intricacies of running a fueling business. As the nation’s largest mobile on-site fueling company, Diesel Direct encompasses a blend of far-reaching capabilities and a dedicated, customer-centric approach. Our substantive network, cutting-edge fueling technology, and unparalleled back-office solutions lay a solid foundation, ensuring your legacy continues to thrive under our stewardship. We're committed to maintaining the ethos of your business, protecting its heritage while steering it towards further success.

A Transparent and Considerate Process

At Diesel Direct, our acquisition process is characterized by transparency, empathy, and a strategic approach designed to ensure a smooth transition for all parties involved. We deeply value the need to keep all discussions and transactions confidential and are committed to taking all necessary steps to safeguard your interests throughout the process.

Your Trust, Our Priority

Navigating through potential sale discussions demands the utmost confidentiality, and at Diesel Direct, we prioritize your peace of mind. - Our initial discussions are deliberately kept low-profile, generally involving minimal representatives from our team, and conducted away from your premises to mitigate any potential concerns. - All Diesel Direct team members involved understand the gravity of maintaining confidentiality and demonstrate the professionalism required at each phase. - A legally binding confidentiality agreement is established before any data exchange, ensuring both parties are safeguarded.


Easy-access auditable fuel data helps you understand your fuel inventory, maintenance needs, fuel schedules, and tax profile.

Powered by FUELLOC® Technology

Diesel Direct has invested in the future with FUELLOC®, a leading-edge IoT (Internet of Things) technology that provides a secure, detailed fuel management ecosystem on every truck and on-site tank in your environment. FUELLOC secures and measures the fuel as it is dispensed – easily keeping track of fuel consumption and providing critical data on usage. The completely automated business process is built to securely and safely capture real-time data at the truck or tank and transmit to our secure cloud platform.

We proudly offer this platform to all our partners.

Our data integration strategy and competencies include the whole supply chain from receiving truck transactions with an industry-leading catalog of data integration options.

Better Data to Drive Your Business Harder

We believe the smarter the data, the greater your fuel management. By gathering and transforming data into customizable reports, we provide you with greater insights into fuel costs and consumption. We make it easier to track and manage your fuel consumption

  • Receive automated end-to-end data collection
  • Access auditable reporting
  • Analyze asset fuel consumption
  • Budget for future fueling needs