Diesel Direct


The Shipping and Logistics Industry

Keep your fleet of commercial trucks fueled up and on time 365 days a year, 24/7, with 100% reliability.

We fill your truck fleet, trailers, storage tanks

and more with high-quality fuel, on your schedule, so your shipping fleet can stay on the road, with less downtime for your team.

24/7 Mobile Fueling

Custom-Designed Fuel Delivery Trucks

Fuel Straight to Your Commercial Trucks

Off Road Fueling Available

Bulk Fueling of Storage Tanks

Major Fuel and Credit Cards Accepted

High-Quality Diesel Fuel and DEF Delivered to Your Trucks

With Diesel Direct’s convenient fuel delivery services to trucks and trailers, your professional logistics team members can spend more time on the road and on deliveries, and less time at the fueling pump. Our secure, custom-designed fuel delivery trucks will deliver diesel fuel, DEF, fuel additives and more so that you can keep your service company going without concern for downtime. Whether it’s a delivery truck transporting packages or a refrigerated trailer with temperature-controlled food and beverages, we have the custom-designed delivery trucks to fuel up your fleet, without interruptions to the delivery in progress.

We Deliver Fuel to Shipping and Logistics Companies 24/7, 365 Days a Year

  • Small to midsize shipping companies
  • Regional and national shipping companies
  • Third Party Logistics (3PL) Companies

The Diesel Direct Difference for Fueling Shipping and Logistics Companies

It starts with our custom-designed, technology-enabled fuel delivery trucks, which will travel to your commercial trucks and trailers to fuel them up and keep your professional team on schedule. Your team can skip time-consuming and liability-increasing trips to the fuel pumps – no more worries about keeping your trucks, goods, and shipments secure. Don’t have enough on site fuel storage? No problem. We’ll bring storage to you, fueled up and ready to go. Our fuel-delivery trucks deliver high-quality fuel, DEF and speciality fuel blends efficiently and seamlessly – you’ll hardly notice them.

What you will notice? The lower costs, time-savings, decreased down time and an energized team who is focused on the job at hand. Plus, it’s 100% auditable and easy to track.

Diesel Direct provides off road fuel, on road fuel and diesel exhaust fluid delivery directly into your delivery trucks, storage tanks, heavy equipment, generators and more – 24 hours per day, 7 days per week, 365 days per year, on a schedule that best fits your operation. Plus, we accept major fuel and credit cards including Comdata and Electronic Funds Source, so it’s easy and convenient.

Specialized Fueling Detail Reports Available with Each Delivery

Give your back office a break with our customized and comprehensive fuel detailed reports that come with every delivery on our cloud-based Fuel Intelligence Portal, so you know exactly how much fuel was delivered and when for simplified bookkeeping.

Ask us about our supply fixed-pricing options to lock in your fuel cost.

We Fill Up Commercial Trucks and Trailers with High-Quality Fuel

  • Mobile Fuel Delivery On and Off Road
  • Bulk Diesel Fuel
  • Bulk Gasoline
  • Diesel Exhaust Fluid (DEF)