Diesel Direct

fuel additives to keep your business running

Our proprietary fuel additive formulas will improve the performance of your equipment and prolong the life of your fuel injection system. From fueling trucks and storage tanks to generators and job site equipment, we offer a wide variety of expertly-formulated fuel additives that have been specifically designed to treat diesel fuel to optimize performance.

Not all diesel fuel is formulated the same.

At Diesel Direct we know that poor fuel quality can contribute to moisture issues, performance issues, sludge formation, and clogged filters. Our proprietary fuel additives can mitigate and even resolve some of the most common issues associated with moisture and fuel quality issues.

Our high-performing fuel additive to reduce damage from excess moisture. Dry Edge® is designed to enhance moisture control and reduce water contamination in fuel tanks, generators & storage tanks.

Our high-performing fuel additive to maximize fuel storage for best results. Fuel’z Edge® is formulated to clean, stabilize and provide cold weather protection for diesel fuel stored in generator tanks as well as fuel tanks of all sizes ranging from large bulk to small skid tanks.

Our high-performing fuel additive to boost and protect your most critical equipment. Power’z Edge® is designed to provide performance enhancing properties to boost cetane value and reduce engine knocks.

Our high-performing fuel additive to reduce fuel contamination. Pure Edge® is specially formulated to provide contamination reducing properties, protect the fuel injectors and the entire fuel delivery system.

Our high-performing fuel additive to counteract complications from cold, inclement weather. Winter’z Edge® is formulated as a powerful diesel fuel emergency treatment, helping to melt frozen fuel filters and restore fuel to a liquid state.