Diesel Direct

FUELLOC® Technology

For Tank Fuel Management and Security

Get Accurate and Easy Fuel Tracking with FUELLOC

Diesel Direct relies on FUELLOC fuel management for simple, streamlined, and secure delivery of fuel and data. This innovative, proprietary technology can bring your business to the next level by securing your fuel and putting all the critical data right at your fingertips.


Fuel allocation is 100% secure

Easy Installation and Around the Clock Coverage

System is taken care of leaving you completely worry-free

Inventory Control

Every gallon is precisely tracked

Real-Time Data and Simple User Management

View dashboards with all FUELLOC and fueling activity


Compatible with dispensers, fuel islands, and fuel storage tanks

Long-Lasting Solution

Built from the ground up to scale as your business grows

On-site and Mobile Solutions

FUELLOC provides real-time fuel management, monitoring, and inventory control for island and tank solutions.

FUELLOC effectively replaces all other on-site fuel management systems because it provides integrated data capture and authentication in a simple end-to-end solution that is managed for you by our team.

  • Can be used on a dispenser, fuel island, or tank
  • Able to manage an unlimited number of dispensers and fuel types
  • Real-time data transfer and management
  • Fully independent IoT (Internet of Things) solution
  • Customer and asset data can be updated by partner, customer, or FUELLOC resources
  • Full turnkey solution-Diesel Direct manages the FUELLOC 24x7x365
  • Secure access to reports and dashboards
    • real-time fueling and fuel consumption
    • tickets, invoices, detail asset history, and IFTA reports
    • multi-user account options

Our Fuel Intelligence customer portal provides a clear, streamlined view of all essential information regarding your fuel inventory and distribution.

FUELLOC’s state-of-the-art solution combines differentiated software with breakthrough engineering in a sleek, low-maintenance, and durable design. Our low-profile stations provide a weather proof solution that is configurable to your specific environment. You’ll have peace of mind knowing that our equipment is constructed with weather-resistant materials, so it can withstand extreme weather conditions. Plus, every station can be installed by yourself or by expertly-trained electricians.

The FUELLOC solution has been upgraded to integrate new IoT technology on the hardware and software. Highlights include:

  • A single appliance, connected to pump and power
  • Fully-connected, independent system with the ability to operate intermittently with or without communicating to our back-office systems
  • Provide real-time fueling information to our back office and Customer Experience Portal
  • Self-healing appliance that communicates with the operations center on the health status of the system

Download a complete overview of FUELLOC