Diesel Direct

Safety & Training

A Culture of Safety

We pride ourselves on a culture of safety, accountability and continuous training. Safety begins before the first day and continues throughout a driver’s career with Diesel Direct. New drivers receive extensive field training so you can feel confident that our drivers are ready to deliver products safely and efficiently, and are prepared to respond appropriately to issues that may encounter, without hesitation.

Here’s how we do it:

Safety First

Safety begins before the first day of work at Diesel Direct. With extensive background checks, license validation, DOT screenings and endorsement reviews.

Extensive Classroom Training

Once hired, Diesel Direct drivers go through extensive classroom training including DOT-mandated training, instructional videos, written training and exams, and a review of our internal safety policies and procedures.

Rigorous Supervised Training

We provide all new drivers with 2+ weeks of rigorous training by supervisors and experienced drivers. In addition to attending mandatory safety meetings, new drivers become experts at:

  • Operation of a Modern Fleet of Trucks
  • Handheld Technology Use and Troubleshooting
  • Customer Sites – Locations, Safety and Environmental Concerns
  • Terminal Loading and Rack Training
  • Full Review of Truck Safety Technology Including its Use
    • Hard Braking
    • Speeding
    • Accident Avoidance

Risk Management through Strong Communication

At Diesel Direct, we put safety and risk management at the core of our operations and customer experience. For our team, strong communication has been an integral part of risk management since 1998. Our Safety Meetings serve as a forum for such communication.

  • Connect at least 1 time per quarter
  • Review current performance in safety and plans for future
  • Discuss any updates to safety measures, training and regulations
  • Review of any concerns our drivers have to share
  • Review new truck safety technology