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As the world health community continues to monitor closely the emergence of the Coronavirus, we want to assure you that Diesel Direct is also monitoring the status on a nationwide basis and updating our safety and health processes and communications as the situation continues to develop.

To minimize risk to our employees, customers, visitors, and any others, our Business Continuity and Safety Team has set forth the following processes and guidelines, following recommendations from local, state and federal government authorities:

  • Each of our 4 Regional Headquarters are in contact with those authorities and are following local and regional briefings
  • Our 4 Regional Headquarters are following safety and health guidelines including disinfecting all areas and promoting safe distance workspaces, as well as providing every individual with hand sanitizing solution
  • Each of our 50+ branches are following the same health guidelines
  • Adherence to all travel restrictions and states of emergency declarations
  • Advising office workers to stay home if they are ill, and contact their doctor if they feel they have virus symptoms
  • Our Business Continuity program includes the availability of additional drivers, supervisors, and trucks to locations in the event of an outbreak in a particular area

Diesel Direct’s national network of delivery branches, supply locations, and partners have always ensured we can serve you and we will continue to do so through this event. Our real-time cloud-based technology both on our trucks and in our back office ensures that business can be conducted, you get your fuel when and where you want it, and all transactions are securely available on our Fuel Intelligence portal, which can be accessed from anywhere.

Our Diesel Direct Experience Team is always available to you 7-24-365 to assist you with questions regarding our safety and business continuity practices.

Fuel storage tanks are a great option for many different types of businesses.  When you have fully fueled backup storage tanks in place, you have one less worry.  It’s just like storing peace of mind!

Fuel storage tanks are durable, portable and feature double-wall frames that protect from external damage and internal containment.  They have built-in pumps and meters, 110% containment capacity and range in size from 500 to 10,000 gallons.  Tanks come in a variety of shapes and sizes to best meet the needs of your short- or long-term projects.

Practical uses of fuel storage tanks include:

  • Job Site Fuel Storage
  • Disaster Recovery Fuel to power generators
  • Fueling equipment and vehicles between regularly scheduled deliveries


Other companies are using fuel storage tanks to manage their fueling needs.  Here are some examples of how:

– – A shipping company uses our mobile cube at an airport to fuel ground support equipment.

– – A small distribution company utilizes an on-site cube to save time and money by not sending their trucks to a retail fuel island.

– – A global diversified company utilizes our multi-compartment 12,000-gallon cube to fuel vehicles and assets at a temporary facility, while their own fuel island is being remodeled.

– – A multi-department first responder organization uses 500-gallon fuel cubes dispersed in an area to assist with firefighting.

– – A construction company uses fuel cubes for their on-site jobs to fill equipment.

– – A distribution company utilizes a 500-gallon cube to offset the on-site fleet fueling operations by Diesel Direct for trucks that are not present at the time of on-site fueling.


Find out about how fuel storage tanks might help your business benefit from extra storage: dieseldirect.com/fuel-storage-tanks/

On behalf of Shipley Energy and Diesel Direct, we are pleased to announce your fuel and DEF delivery services will be transitioned to Diesel Direct.  At Shipley Energy, the process to find a partner that could provide the same level of products and services you have been accustomed to with Shipley over the years was done with great care.   In Diesel Direct, we have found an experienced partner who not only is the leading national provider of onsite mobile refueling services but has made a significant investment in our region over the last decade and recently with its purchase of the Worley & Obetz assets.

Starting on December 29th, 2018, Diesel Direct will be your on-site mobile fueling provider.  Shipley Energy will continue its residential, wholesale and other commercial business in the region.  During this transition, Shipley Energy and Diesel Direct personnel will work closely together to ensure that all your needs are serviced without interruption.

Diesel Direct’s core company foundation is built on servicing each customer’s needs and reliably supplying fuel one gallon at a time.  Diesel Direct services tens of thousands of trucks, tanks, boats, and other assets each day from a fleet of customized fueling trucks, and also offers disaster management programs, Diesel Exhaust Fluid (DEF), generator services, specialized additives, a green portfolio of products and services, and fuel intelligence systems.

We are making great efforts to ensure that your needs are met, questions and concerns are answered, and that you are completely satisfied with this exciting change.  Your new Diesel Direct Sales Manager will be contacting you over the coming days to ensure that you receive the best service moving forward and that we answer any needs you may have.  For orders, please email orders@dieseldirect.com or call +1 (888) 900-7787 to reach Diesel Direct with any questions.

Shipley Energy has been honored to have you as a customer and Diesel Direct will make every effort to earn your trust and business in the coming days.   We look forward to transitioning this mutually beneficial relationship with you.  If you have any questions or comments, please don’t hesitate to contact our teams.

(Stockton, CA) December 7, 2018 – Diesel Direct, the nation’s largest on-site mobile fueling company, has purchased the on-site mobile refueling assets of Golden Gate Petroleum (“Golden Gate”).   These business assets supply approximately 1,000 commercial, industrial, municipal, and other transportation or equipment related customer sites in California with diesel, gasoline and Diesel Exhaust Fluid (DEF).

Starting on December 8, 2018, Diesel Direct will supply, deliver, and manage the fueling needs of these customers in the safest, most efficient and cost-effective manner possible.   As the largest delivery network for onsite mobile refueling and marine fueling in the northern California market and the nation’s leading technology innovation platform, Diesel Direct will seek to provide an enhanced client experience for all new customers through our Client Experience Portal and Fuelloc platform.   For more information on Fuelloc, please visit www.fuelloc.com.

This strategic acquisition will allow Diesel Direct to expand its commitment to sustainable energy and offer 100% carbon neutral fueling solutions to the market through our Pure Energy portfolio //dieseldirect.com/pure-energy/.  Diesel Direct has operated its nationwide fleet 100% carbon neutral for the past 26 months.  Additionally, Diesel Direct is a leading supplier in the region of both Renewable Diesel and Bio-Diesel based solutions.

“Diesel Direct is very excited to grow its northern California business with this highly strategic acquisition,” stated William McNamara, CEO of Diesel Direct. “The transaction provides us with the ability to further enhance our leading position in this region and expand our sustainable energy focus.  We are committed to providing the highest-level service in the industry and earning the loyalty of the former Golden Gate customers.”

Diesel Direct is the nation’s largest on-site fueling service that delivers high-quality fuels and additives directly to a fleet’s tanks, on the job site, into marine vessels or any asset requiring refueling in 46 states. The company services tens of thousands of assets each week with the industry’s most modern and automated customized fueling trucks.  Diesel Direct provides an industry-leading customer experience driven by innovative technology, disaster management programs and the largest fuel intelligence database in the nation. For details, call 888-900-7787 or visit www.DieselDirect.com.

November 29, 2018 – West Direct Oil, Inc. together with its affiliates (“West Direct”), has signed a definitive agreement to acquire the Southwest commercial business assets of Southern Counties Oil Co. (“SC Fuels”).  These business assets supply approximately 1,800 commercial, industrial, and other transportation or equipment related customers in the states of Texas, New Mexico, Colorado, Arizona, and Nevada with fuels, lubricants, and chemicals.  West Direct will service the lubrication and chemical requirements of these customers and Diesel Direct, Inc. (“Diesel Direct”) will deliver fleet fueling, tank fuel, and diesel exhaust fluid.   West Direct Oil operates a 90+ year-old one-stop fuel and lubrication products distribution company in the western US, Siegel Energy, and is an affiliate of the nation’s largest onsite mobile fueling company, Diesel Direct, who currently delivers to local, regional and national fleets in 46 states.  SC Fuels’ wholesale division will continue to provide full tractor trailer sales throughout this geography and provide its full range of services in its other markets.  The transaction is scheduled to close on December 1, 2018.

“The strong operating footprint of SC Fuels’ Southwest commercial business complements our existing operations and positions West Direct for significant additional growth in the region,” stated William McNamara, CEO of West Direct. “We are continually looking to acquire leading businesses with great people and great customers, as we have with this transaction.  We are committed to providing the highest-level service in the industry and earning the loyalty of the former SC Fuels customers.”

SC Fuels’ Chief Executive Officer, Steven Greinke, commented, “Our decision to sell the Southwest commercial region is a difficult one.  However, it fits our long-term strategy of reinvesting in our core business units in our high-density markets. We believe West Direct Oil is an excellent acquirer of our employees and customers given their proven track record of providing high levels of support and tools to their valued team and customers throughout the US.”

About West Direct Oil

West Direct Oil, is a premier one-stop fuel and lubrication products distribution company that delivers high-quality petroleum products, shop chemicals, service chemicals, vehicle reconditioning products and is affiliated with the nation’s largest on-site fueling service company, Diesel Direct, which delivers high quality fuels and additives directly to a fleet’s tanks, on the job site or place of business.  West Direct provides an industry-leading customer experience driven by innovative technology.  For details, visit www.westdirectoil.com and www.dieseldirect.com.

About SC Fuels

SC Fuels, based in Orange, CA, is the oldest and largest petroleum distributor on the West Coast.  Through its multifaceted approach, the company provides unbranded wholesale, branded wholesale, fleet card services, commercial fuel and lubricant services. With a large portfolio of products to serve the commercial, industrial, municipal and automotive markets, SC Fuels aims to be the single choice provider of petroleum products. To learn more information about SC Fuels, visit www.scfuels.com.


Diesel Direct, the nation’s largest onsite mobile fueling company, has purchased the assets of On-Site Fuel Service (On-Site).  On-Site employees and customers from Florida to Nevada can be assured that their jobs and their service will be back with Diesel Direct’s latest acquisition.

Last week, On-Site abruptly closed its doors when it was no longer able to purchase supply from its sole source of supply.  With this disruption in supply, the company was not able to service customers or continue to employ many members of their staff.

Diesel Direct is re-hiring these employees now and engaging On-Site customers to re-establish service!

*** Every driver rehired in the next two weeks will be paid a full week pay to help them and their families with the disruption caused by the On-site service disruption.  Additionally, all years of service with On-Site will be honored and employees will be offered full health insurance and other benefits immediately by Diesel Direct. ***

We have re-opened Nevada staffed 100% with On-Site employees and we are in the process of opening other branches now.  Diesel Direct purchases supply from more than 200 supply points and a large number of suppliers every day.   We have multiple suppliers for each market and will be able to assure supply in every market we open.

“We believe we have the ability and therefore the responsibility to provide hundreds of jobs for these displaced employees as well as re-establishing services within the next few days in former On-Site markets directly and through working with our partners,” said William McNamara, CEO of Diesel Direct. “We look forward to adding new team members and providing an enhanced customer experience with our industry-leading technology and solutions.”

Diesel Direct is ready to provide fleet fueling services, marine fuel services, generator refueling service, commercial tanks, and heating oil services for On-Site Fuel Service customers.  To learn more about the services Diesel Direct offers, please visit www.dieseldirect.com or call 888-900-7787 to speak with a Fuel Professional about your needs.

Former Worley & Obetz Employees Come Forward for a New Opportunity

Manheim, PA: Diesel Direct, a nationwide fleet fueling service with already established service branches in Harrisburg, Allentown, and Philadelphia, will be expanding into the Lancaster area by transforming the former Worley & Obetz location their new Pennsylvania headquarters.  Since the initial announcement a week ago, Diesel Direct is pleased to report that former Worley & Obetz employees are coming forward seeking new opportunities to help build our footprint here.  These candidates know the local economy and former customer base best.  They are looking forward to learning Diesel Direct’s industry-leading customer experience practices.

“We are excited for the opportunity to expand in this area and demonstrate a commitment to the region,” said William McNamara, CEO of Direct Diesel. “We look forward to earning each employee’s trust and each customer’s satisfaction.”

Diesel Direct continues to encourage former employees to contact us via the website, www.dieseldirect.com. Diesel Direct offers industry-leading benefits, compensation and growth opportunities.

Together with Rhoads energy, we are assuring services will continue throughout the southern Pennsylvania area

(MANHEIM, Pa. – Sept. 18, 2018) Thousands of former Worley & Obetz customers finally have some good news, and some clarity about their accounts for commercial and home fueling services.

Diesel Direct, the nation’s largest onsite mobile fueling company, has agreed to purchase the assets of the former Worley & Obetz. Diesel Direct has been serving the Pennsylvania market for more than a decade and will make the former Worley & Obetz Manheim location the new Diesel Direct headquarters for Pennsylvania and operate all services from this facility.

Rhoads Energy has agreed to immediately purchase divisions that service home retail customers, including the propane and HVAC divisions, from Diesel Direct and will operate those services from their Lancaster headquarters.

All former Worley & Obetz employees are strongly encouraged to contact Diesel Direct and Rhoads Energy about employment opportunities. Both Diesel Direct and Rhoads Energy are focused at generating more jobs locally for technicians, drivers and other personnel.

“Our team is excited to expand our existing footprint in the Pennsylvania area with this acquisition,” said William McNamara, CEO of Direct Diesel. “We look forward to growing our presence in the market and providing an enhanced customer experience with our industry leading technology and solutions.”

Rhoads Energy’s purchase brings clarity — and a trusted local source in Pennsylvania for over 100 years — to thousands of former Worley & Obetz customers who use propane and HVAC services. Rhoads Energy’s purchase includes equipment, trucks and other assets — including propane tanks installed at the homes of thousands of area customers.

Michael DeBerdine III, Rhoads Energy CEO said, “We sought this purchase because it enables Worley & Obetz customers to continue to get local propane & HVAC service from a hometown provider. This move also enables us to grow our team and add jobs.”

Diesel Direct is ready to provide fleet fueling services, commercial service for storage tanks and heating oil for former Worley & Obetz customers. Please use the instructions below to contact Diesel Direct:

• Visit www.dieseldirect.com
• Click on “Welcome Worley & Obetz Customers and Employees”
• Follow the appropriate link for the service you require

Or call Diesel Direct at 888-900-7787.

DeBerdine also announced that Rhoads Energy will honor the remaining terms of Worley & Obetz service contracts for all customers who choose to renew their plans with Rhoads Energy.

Rhoads Energy has established a simple online process for former Worley & Obetz customers to confirm their account transfer:

• Visit www.RhoadsEnergy.com
• Click “Welcome, Worley & Obetz Customers and Employees”
• Complete the simple online form about the transition

Customers who stick with the trusted service provided by Rhoads will experience no disruption of service. They will also benefit from an experienced service team that includes former Worley & Obetz employees.

Diesel Direct and Rhoads will immediately begin outreach to every former Worley & Obetz customer via email, phone and in person in anticipation of completing this transaction next week. For more information and details, visit us online.

# # #


Amy Gabriel, Diesel Direct, amy.gabriel@dieseldirect.com
Scott Beeler, Rhoads Energy, scott@beelercommunications.com

Diesel Direct, is the nation’s largest on-site fueling service that delivers high quality fuels and additives directly to a fleet’s tanks, on the job site or place of business. The company specializes in mobile fueling and bulk fuel deliveries for local, regional and national customers. Diesel Direct provides an industry leading customer experience driven by innovative technology. For details, visit www.DieselDirect.com.

The Rhoads Energy Family of Companies offer natural gas and propane delivery; complete HVAC installation and service; and fleet fueling services. In 2017, the company celebrated its 100th year of continuous service. The organization serves Central Pennsylvania through Lancaster-based Rhoads Energy and other brands including Boyertown Oil & Propane, E.G. Smith Inc., and Vincent R. Boltz. For information, visit www.RhoadsEnergy.com.

Hurricane season will be here before we know it. The official start date is June 1 and continues through November 30. The 2017 season featured 17 named storms, 10 hurricanes and 6 major hurricanes – one of the most active hurricane seasons to date. The forecast for 2018 is predicting a very active hurricane season as well. As it is Hurricane Preparedness Week, it’s a great time to review best practices on preparing before a potential disaster strikes.

Is your business ready to weather the storm?  

Develop an emergency plan – Diesel Direct offers Business Continuity Programs to ensure you receive the fuel you need in advance of a weather event that could leave you without fuel or access to fuel for an extended period.

Gather supplies – Diesel Direct can help you prepare by supporting all your fueling needs. Our fuel tanks can keep your generators and your business running when disaster strikes. We have tanks available that we can deliver immediately to help you prepare. Make sure all of your fleet vehicles are topped off.

Document your plan – Make sure your team knows exactly how to implement your backup plans, including where your disaster supplies are located and where all evacuation routes are located.

Test your backup plan – It’s a great time to make sure your backup functionalities are working properly. Fuel tanks should be tested and treated for water and microbial contamination.

Diesel Direct provides a full suite of services to ensure your fuel works for you in all types of conditions. Contact our fuel professionals today to find out how Diesel Direct can help you prepare before nature compromises your business.

Diesel Direct is committed to sustainable energy and provides safe and environmentally friendly fuel options.  As a nationwide mobile fueling company delivering fuel coast to coast, we’re in a unique position to put our sustainability plan and goals into practice.

Mobile fueling helps to reduce emissions through reducing trips to and from fuel stations.  On average, a truck needs to be driven 8 miles to find a station that can accommodate it.  Finding a station that can accommodate multiple trucks, that has easy access to entry and exit, and has a diesel fuel island, can be a challenge.  Roundtrip, that adds up to about 16 extra miles to get fueled.  Every gallon of diesel burned releases 22 pounds of CO2 into the atmosphere.  Mobile fueling can save around 60 pounds of CO2 each time a truck is fueled.

Idling also contributes to unnecessary CO2 being released into the atmosphere.  Since we fuel while your trucks are parked, fuel burn related to idling time at a gas station is saved.

In addition to the basic atmospheric savings based on services alone, Diesel Direct uses Pure Aire Diesel®.  Pure Air Diesel offsets each gallon used by funding certified environmental projects that removed CO2 from the atmosphere, enabling us to run our business carbon neutral.

We invite you to do the same.  Pure Air Diesel is available to purchase from Diesel Direct.  We know that getting funding for sustainability plans can be a challenge.  Pure Air Diesel allows you to build your sustainability plans directly into your fuel budget.  Diesel Direct purchases offsets on your behalf and sends you a third-party certificate each quarter showing your CO2 offsets.

Call us today to learn more about our Pure Air Diesel program at 1-888-900-7787.  Together we can help the environment.