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Cold weather is coming, is your fleet ready?

All of our customers receive our proprietary premium diesel fuel, Roadchamp®. This fuel is treated for the extreme cold winter temperatures when necessary to ensure your diesel fuel is the highest quality possible for the elements. There is still some action you can take to make sure your fleet is ready.

5 Important Maintenance Tips to keep operations moving:

  1. Check your fuel storage tank and remove water
  2. Change your pump filter and clean debris/sediment from the strainer
  3. Check saddle tanks for water and drain
  4. Check fuel filters and replace if necessary
  5. Check and drain all inline Fuel/Water Separators

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Moisture is a year-round contaminant for diesel fuel. When the water freezes in the extreme cold temperatures, your entire fuel system is at risk if the water hasn't been removed or treated appropriately. Ice particles can stop your fuel from flowing freely to the fuel injectors.
Winter'z Edge

The weather can cause gelling and freeze-ups of your fuel. Our emergency diesel fuel treatment, Winter'z Edge®, can help melt frozen fuel filters and return fuel to a liquid state.

Winter'z Edge can be used to treat diesel fuel in trucks, construction equipment, generators, skid tanks, and other large ground tanks. Mixing Winter'z Edge is quick and easy as each 32-ounce bottle can treat 125 gallons of fuel, and can be poured directly into the fuel tanks. If you have any questions about treating your fuel with Winter'z Edge, Diesel Direct professionals are available to assist.

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Don't let freezing temperatures freeze your fleet.

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