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FUELLOC On-Site & Mobile Solutions

FUELLOC is a versatile solution which can be integrated on a range of sizes including small and large tanks, single dispensers and fuel islands, and even mobile tanks!

Our solution makes fuel management simple, streamlined, and secure. FUELLOC serves as a replacement for all other on-site fuel management systems because it provides integrated data capture and authentication in a simple end-to-end solution that is managed for you by our team.

  • Can be used on a dispenser, fuel island, or tank
  • Can manage an unlimited number of dispensers and fuel types
  • Allows for barcodes, RFID, and manual scanning
  • Real-time data transfer and management
  • Customer and asset data can be updated by partner, customer, or FUELLOC resources
  • Full turn key solution-we manage the FUELLOC 24x7x365

  • State-of-the-art Cloud based platform
  • Dashboard including real-time fueling and fuel consumption
  • Complete customer management of assets
  • Internet enabled easy to use interface
  • Secure access and data
  • Time/site/fuel type filters. Sample reports include tickets, invoices, detail asset history, and IFTA reports
  • Multi-user account options
  • Full query and flexible reporting capability
  • Integration of all FUELLOC data

Our Fuel Intelligence customer portal provides a clear, crisp view of all essential information regarding your fuel inventory and distribution. You'll be blown away by this whole new level of data intelligence for efficient fuel management.

FUELLOC’s state-of-the-art solution combines differentiated software with breakthrough engineering, all in a sleek and durable design. It is designed to be a high performing, yet low maintenance, piece of technology. Our sleek low profile base and operator stations provide a weather proof solution that is configurable to your specific environment.

Our application has been totally revamped from prior versions to take advantage of new IoT (Internet of Things) technology on the hardware and software. Highlights include:
  • Constructed with weather resistant aluminum and can withstand extreme weather conditions
  • Base station (houses the brains and communications) can be situated anywhere within 100 feet of the operation stations
  • Configurable operator stations
  • WIFI, cellular, RFID, and Bluetooth capable
  • Fully connected system with the ability to operate with or without communicating to our back-office systems
  • Provide real-time fueling information such as health of the system
  • Installed locally by trained electricians
U.S. Patents Pending