Diesel Direct

Diesel Fuel Portland: Fuel Delivered Directly to You in Portland

With Diesel Direct, you get high-quality diesel fuel, gasoline or DEF delivered to you, no matter where your truck fleet, generator, or job site is in Portland


With Diesel Direct’s 24/7 On-Site Fueling in Portland, your truck fleet is always fueled up and on time, wherever they are. We’ll help you get any job done better and faster. We’ve been delivering an honest and auditable gallon since 1998.

  • Save thousands of dollars in unnecessary costs - labor, fuel, mileage
  • Stop waiting in line at crowded fuel islands and retail gas stations
  • Keep your truck fleet on time and energy-efficient
  • Streamline diesel fuel and diesel exhaust fluid (DEF) refills
  • Schedule for a time that works best for you

Diesel Direct Provides 24/7 Fuel Delivery in Portland for:

  • Renewable Diesel Fuel
  • Marine Fueling
  • Fleet and Equipment Fueling
  • Tank Fueling Small to Large
  • Custom DEF Replenishment
  • Storm Coverage
  • Generators
  • Cold and Hot Weather Fuel Blends
  • State of the Art Customer Portal
  • Disaster Planning and Response- Risk Management Programs
  • Certainty of Supply

Neighborhoods and Nearby Areas We Serve in Portland, Oregon

  • Pearl District
  • Downtown Portland
  • Bridgeton