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Humidity From Summer Heat = Compromised Fuel Tank Efficiency!

June 21, 2013

Even if you think that there is no way for water to enter your diesel fuel tanks, condensation can! It is the one unpreventable way for water to enter any fuel storage vessel. According to www.PatriotCleanFuel.com, "Outside air temperatures constantly change from the HEAT of a hot summer day to the COOL of the evening resulting in condensation naturally forming on the inside of the fuel tank and fuel tank appurtenances that are exposed to the elements. The surface steel of the fuel tank absorbs the heat of the day and the cooler fuel product inside the tank allows for condensation droplets to form on the interior surfaces."

Due to its ability to efficiently conduct heat, steel is most commonly used for fuel storage, yet is most susceptible to the damaging effects of rust when exposed to water, thus compromising the tank's ability to function efficiently. Despite the geographical location of your fleet or generators, the formation and penetration of condensation is unpreventable and most threatening between the months of May and September. However, with the proper fuel tank maintenance and management programs, such as the services provided by the fuel professionals at Diesel Direct, you can keep your fleet and generators free of the microbial containments that are bred from water due to condensation.


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