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Hurricane Season: Your Generator May Be Ready for Power Outages, But What About Your Fuel?

August 21, 2014

The end of the summer normally means hurricane season in many areas of the US and even though things have been relatively quiet so far, anything could happen in the next few weeks. And as much as we all want to prepare our businesses for hurricanes and the terrible power outages they cause, I have troubling news for you: many of your businesses have the potential to lose power even though you have a generator!

So why isn’t your generator ready to work when you need it? It could be because of a fuel related issue. Did you know that 80% of generator failures are a direct result of complications involving generator fuel? This could mean there is an insufficient supply of fuel available, your tank isn’t full, or worse, the fuel you have or are receiving just doesn't meet spec.

Fuel has a short “shelf life”

Let’s start with the basics about fuel: fuel is a very sensitive product that can easily deteriorate over time. Fact: fuel stagnant in a tank overtime may not perform when you need it the most.

Given that fuel can so easily deteriorate when it is not properly maintained, this unfortunately can mean that most stored diesel fuel tanks contain severely contaminated product due to the natural age not only of the fuel, but also of the tank. So what could be lurking in the tank includes microbial growth (bugs), particles that the filter never picks up, and water.

Tips to ensure your fuel is healthy:

So what can we do to help ensure your generator fuel is healthy and ready to function the next time you need to use your generator?

1. Determine the age of the fuel.

2. When was the last time it was tested?

3. Have the tank bottoms been checked for water?

4. Have they been drained?

With the generator fueling services provided by Diesel Direct, you can be assured that your generator is prepared to keep your business running in the event of a power outage. Contact us today for more information about our Silver, Gold, and Platinum Business Continuity Protection Programs providing pre-event tank top-offs, scheduled fueling based on an agreed minimum fuel level, and optional tank monitoring.