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Is Spring Really Around the Corner like the Groundhog Said?

February 25, 2016

The weather has been very temperamental this winter. One day it is 60 degrees and sunny, then the next we are getting slammed with back to back snowstorms. Even the West Coast is experiencing an unusually rainy and wet winter. It seems like Mother Nature can’t figure it out! From our experience here in the Northeast, we know winter’s wrath isn’t anywhere near over. We believe now is the time to prepare your fleet for the fickle weather conditions.

When that cold front comes creeping in, here are a few questions you should ask yourself:

  • Do you know what you are buying for fuel? Is it just plain diesel or is it a premium fuel?
  • When is the last time you drained your water separator, changed your fuel filter, and checked your saddle tank for moisture?

Not all diesel is the same. For example, RoadChamp® is Diesel Direct’s propriety premium diesel. It is seasonally customized, so during winter months, it is adjusted to improve your fuel’s winter operability. Our diesel is multi-functional and can result in an overall cleaner fuel system. RoadChamp is a significant step above our competitors’ products. Learn more about our high quality diesel here.

Now let’s discuss moisture. Are you aware that all diesel fuel contains moisture? There are

two types of moisture that can negatively affect your fuel:

  • Entrained moisture is moisture that hangs up in the fuel.
  • Bottom moisture is moisture that falls to the bottom of the fuel tank when the fuel becomes too saturated.

So what do fleet owners do to mitigate the moisture issue? Diesel Direct offers a moisture-control product called Winter’z Edge®. We encourage you to try it today!

Besides our suggestion for Winter’z Edge, we also put an emphasis on how important housekeeping is. The housekeeping procedures you should become familiar with are as follows:

  • Drain your water separator of moisture prior to freezing temperatures. Water that travels through the separators and into the filter will freeze once temperatures reach 32 degrees or lower and in turn, this will plug the fuel filters. Plugged fuel filters will stop the flow of fuel, the truck’s power will be reduced, and the unit will cease to run.
  • Change your fuel filter regularly. Using a larger micron filter can be used to help moisture-related problems as well. Please check with the truck manufacturer before you make any micron changes.
  • Saddle tanks are notorious for moisture, particulates and microbial contamination, also known as bugs. All can negatively impact your trucks performance. We strongly suggest you drain your saddle tanks for moisture, flush out particulates, and treat microbial contamination or bugs.

Don’t wait until the next snowstorm or polar vortex hits. Consider this your opportunity to better prepare your fuel and fleet for the winter. Contact Diesel Direct today and we can solve all your fuel needs. Through any weather, you can consider us your go-to diesel professionals.