Diesel Direct

In the Thick of Winter

January 30, 2015

Harsh winter weather has hit us this week with Winter Storm Juno slamming the Northeast Monday night. In preparation for the storm, Diesel Direct drivers started work extra early on Monday so they were able to reach and fuel as many customers as possible pre-storm. During the blizzard, we even had a few select drivers making necessary emergency fuel deliveries to our customers. We thank our dedicated staff for their hard work and for doing an outstanding job during this severe winter weather.

Winter is only half over and, as www.Weather.com reports, there is another strong storm already hitting parts of the country “Cross Country Winter Storm” and more winter storms approaching. As we prepare for additional upcoming winter storms, we want to remind our customers that the best severe weather preparation is preventative rather than reactive. As generators are essential during these emergency situations, we urge our customers to please check your generator fuel supply. For example, do your generators need a tank top-off?

In order to best plan for these weather emergencies, we recommend you think about signing up for our Business Continuity Program. With Silver, Gold, and Platinum Protection Programs, we offer the following services to help you with scheduled fueling, pre-event tank top-offs, disaster recovery testing, and much more. Additionally, our tank monitoring technology will provide you a summary of all tank locations, names, products, and current level readings to help you better prepare your fueling needs.

Contact us if you have any questions about you can best prepare your generators, tanks, trucks, and for the upcoming weather!