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Moisture: A Year Round Fuel Contaminant

May 09, 2013

With winter behind us, it is a great time to shift our attention from managing cold weather operability to moisture. Many diesel fuel users think winter is the only time of year that their fuel necessitates attention, that philosophy of course is false; water is a year round fuel contaminant that deserves your attention. Water is a diesel fuel operators number one challenge, and is prevalent in all fuels being stored above or below ground.

Water can be found in two forms: Entrained (held-up in the fuel) or bottom (water that falls-out of the fuel and remains on the bottom of the storage tanks).

Water can be introduced in several ways:

  • Rough piping,
  • Venting,
  • Damaged fuel caps,
  • And all too often; condensation - a direct result of the vents taking in moisture into dead cavity space when tanks are not kept adequately filled

What can you do to minimize your exposure to the negative consequences associated with water contamination?

  • Implement good housekeeping for your tanks and fuel injection systems.
  • Continue to purchase all your diesel fuel products from Diesel Direct, rely on the trained professionals that have the ability to respond to all of your fuel related questions, deliveries and any challenges.

For further questions, evaluation of your fuel supply or housekeeping procedures please call Gus Pesaturo at 1-888-900-7787 X 103 or e-mail at gpesaturo@dieseldirect.com