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See a change by being part of the change…Pure-Air-Diesel-Sky-Image

Transportation is valuable to the world economy, but it is also leading the way with efforts to improve its environmental impact. Diesel Direct has goals for reducing the climate impact. We understand our business model has an impact on the environment. We address this by offering the opportunity for customers to offset their carbon footprint when using our service.

How Pure Air Diesel works…

By working with Diesel Direct and purchasing Pure Air Diesel, you reduce emissions by skipping trips to the gas station and then take the steps to neutralize your fuel burn by funding projects that reduce greenhouse gases. Offset what you can’t avoid…..
Pure Air Diesel makes a positive impact on the environment

This program offers our customers the choice to offset the carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions generated from their fuel use delivered by Diesel Direct by funding certified offset projects that remove CO2 from the atmosphere. We make it easy for our clients to reduce emissions and meet their environmental goals!

By purchasing Pure Air Diesel, you are using the highest quality carbon offsets. Every offset we purchase on your behalf has been validated by Green-e ® Climate, a recognized global leader in carbon verification.

Carbon offsetsOur customers can participate by purchasing our Pure Air Diesel product. Whichever fuel product you purchase from Diesel Direct, we will bundle together with an offset.  This will offset gallons of fuel delivered by Diesel Direct. There is no equipment to purchase and all billing information will be incorporated in your current Diesel Direct invoices. You will receive a certificate every at the end of each fiscal year. It’s as simple as saying yes and you’re on your way to being green!  Click here to view a sample certificate!

Why choose Pure Air Diesel?

Proactive companies that actively address climate change and sustainability have a competitive advantage over companies who ignore the issue or those who have no plan set in place. They recognize not only the obvious concern of protecting the natural environment, but also the beneficial business gains that come from reducing greenhouse gas emissions. Your business can be socially responsible for your carbon footprint and take the lead on reducing your company’s emissions by purchasing carbon offsets through Diesel Direct.

Practicing what we preach!

To show our commitment to the environment and to our carbon neutral program, we are also offsetting the diesel fuel we burn while operating our business.  This means every gallon we deliver is transported by our carbon neutral fleet.  We believe in the positive impact this program can have and we hope you will too!

It’s a win-win situation. You’re helping the environment and you can show your own customers that your company is green!