Diesel Direct

Pure Energy Carbon Calculator

Use the left side to calculate the emissions from your trucks and transports, and the right side to add in any other assets including your generators, reefers, and other equipment.

Greenhouse Gas Emission Results Total Emissions
Carbon Dioxide 8.12 kgCO2/gallon (vehicles)
10.12 kgCO2/gallon (assets)
Metric Tons CO2
Methane gCH4/gallon (vehicles)
gCH4/gallon (assets)
Nitrous Oxide gN2O/gallon (vehicles)
gN2O/gallon (assets)

Carbon Dioxide Emission Reductions through Mobile Fueling!

Each time you have Diesel Direct go on-site to fuel your trucks, less distance is driven, less fuel is burned, and less carbon dioxide is released!

  • Every gallon of diesel burned releases 22lbs of CO2
  • Every gallon of gasoline burned releases 19 lbs of CO2
  • Each time a truck is fueled through mobile fueling, 60 lbs of CO2 is saved on average for diesel vehicles and 51 lbs of CO2 is saved for gasoline vehicles.

Calculate how much carbon dioxide emissions you are reducing through mobile fueling!

Carbon dioxide reduced each year: