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How our services and products reduce emissions:

Pure Energy Service and Products

At Diesel Direct, we value and support green initiatives and believe in the importance of providing the best fuels and services to make our Earth a healthier and greener place.

Hundreds of truck fleets throughout the United States have learned that Diesel Direct’s system of on-site fleet fueling saves thousands of dollars in labor and increases their productivity. Did you also know that by using mobile fueling services, you are both helping the environment and reducing your carbon footprint? Read below to understand:

  • How our mobile fueling services are helping reduce carbon emissions
  • How our green products such as Pure Air Diesel® and biodiesel work to reduce emissions
  • How Diesel Direct’s own fleet is “being” green



Our services reduce emissions…

Distance Traveled:
With our mobile fueling services, fuel typically spent on trips to and from the gas station is no longer wasted. On average, each truck needs to be driven 8 miles to reach a gas station that will accommodate it. Why does the truck need to travel this far? When a diesel truck needs to be refueled, a driver must consider several factors: a fueling station that actually has a diesel fuel island, space large enough for multiple trucks to fit, and easy access for entering and exiting. To find a suitable gas station, the total distance would amount to an average of an additional 16 miles roundtrip for each truck to get fueled. Every gallon of diesel fuel burned releases 22 lbs of CO2 into the atmosphere. This means that around 60 pounds of CO2 is saved every time a truck is fueled by Diesel Direct´s mobile fueling service. In 2015 alone, our mobile fueling services helped reduce the impact of our customers’ carbon footprints by approximately 130,807,320 pounds of CO2.

Idling Time:
Distance traveled isn’t the only aspect that plays a role in releasing unnecessary CO2 into the atmosphere. Idling time is greatly reduced because Diesel Direct trucks go directly to your business where your fleet is parked. The fuel burned during idling time spent at the gas station is instead saved because when we fuel, your vehicles are turned off. On average, a truck will idle for 15 minutes while it is being filled if there is no wait at the fuel station. Often there is a two to three truck back-up, which causes a truck to be idling for 30 minutes or more before it can even be filled itself. This unnecessary idle time is releasing CO2 into the atmosphere every second.

Let Diesel Direct help you skip a trip for savings and for Earth’s sake!


Our products reduce emissions…


    PureAirDiesel_lgPure Air Diesel provides our customers the ability to offset carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions generated from their fuel use.  The gallons delivered by Diesel Direct can be offset by funding certified environmental projects that remove CO2 from the atmosphere. We make it easy for our clients to reduce emissions and meet their environmental goals. Click here to learn more!

    DEF_Logo_greenAll trucks made in 2010 and after require DEF. DEF is a non-hazardous solution of water and urea that is injected into the exhaust stream of diesel vehicles. The product is basically a highly concentrated fertilizer and is biodegradable. DEF is truly beneficial for the environment because it works with diesel fuel to reduce harmful emissions and greenhouse gases, such as nitrogen oxides, during the fuel burning process. DEF breaks down into ammonia (NH3) and reacts with NOx in the SCR systems to produce nitrogen (N2) and water (H20).  Click here to learn more!

    BIODirect_lgNext generation bio-based diesel fuels are helping reduce the use of fossil fuels. Biodiesel is good for the environment because it is derived from agricultural feedstock, soybeans, and animal fats and can reduce carbon emissions by an astounding 50 percent, according to the U.S Environmental Protection Agency. Biodiesel is produced domestically using natural products such as plant oils, animal fats, and even recycled cooking oil. We are proud to be a leading provider of biofuels and a Federally Licensed Blender.

    BioheatApart from our standard offerings of biodiesel and Diesel Exhaust Fluid, we also provide heating oil for commercial businesses. We offer a truly green heating oil option called Bioheat® fuel. It is an eco-friendly heating fuel that is a combination of standard heating oil blended together with biodiesel.

    Roadchamp_2color_PMS201&Blackv2RoadChamp is our premium diesel fuel. One important feature of the product is it contains a detergent designed to keep injectors clean and helps maintain fuel economy at an optimum level. This is important because dirty injectors can reduce mpg and lead to unnecessary fuel burn and increased carbon dioxide emissions.

    Suite of additivesOur Edge Family of Additives are fomulated to treat specific issues which affect fuel.  Fuel'z Edge®, Winter'z Edge®, Power'z Edge®, Pure Edge® and Dry Edge® are environmentally safe and alcohol free.  Fuel'z Edge cleans and stabilizes diesel fuel stored in bulk tanks and generators, Winter'z Edge is a diesel fuel emergency treatment providing excellent winter performance, Power'z Edge is designed to prevent deposits that may cause deterioration to fuel economy and emissions, Pure Edge is designed to provide contamination reducing properties helping the entire fuel delivery system and Dry Edge is designed to solve water-related issues through enhanced moisture control.



Our fleet is environmentally friendly…

DD Truck- PrudentialAt Diesel Direct, we strive to deliver as many green fuels and products while at the same time, use emissions reducing products in our own fleets to help minimize our carbon footprint. Read below to learn about our environmentally friendly fleet and vehicles!

  • We use Cummins diesel engines for all our fuel service trucks. Our fuel delivery trucks are equipped with after treatment systems including DPF, SCR, and DOC systems and technology that remove emissions in the exhaust flow.
  • All Diesel Direct drivers are trained on best practices for optimal fuel efficiency that further improves the environment in order to reduce their carbon emissions.
  • Our fleet is made up of primarily newer trucks and every truck at Diesel Direct uses environmentally friendly and emission compliant after treatment systems. These systems do not pollute the air.
  • We recap all our tires. This is significant because it extends the full life of the tires up to 8 years!
  • In 2010, we built the nation’s first electric diesel hybrid truck.  The 16-ton truck contains a Cummins and Eaton hybrid engine.  One valuable feature is a 25% improved fuel economy over similar trucks with diesel engines.
  • We are now offsetting the fuel we burn while operating our business; every gallon we deliver is transported by our carbon neutral fleet.  Learn more on our Pure Air Diesel page.

In addition, Diesel Direct recycles the following fleet related supplies:

  • Entire trucks
  • Used engine oil (used to heat our branches in the winter)
  • Old batteries
  • Used tires

Creating a greener footprint—one gallon at a time!