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Risk Management

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Risk management is the most essential part of the day-to-day operations at Diesel Direct. Our primary goal is to deliver our products in the safest and most efficient manner possible. In order to meet this goal we utilize many best practices:

Policies and Procedures

Diesel Direct has developed many policies and procedures specific to our mobile fleet fueling operations.  We are constantly reviewing current policies and procedures and working on new ones to increase safety within our company and to raise the bar for industry safety standards. 


From day one, and throughout employment, drivers are involved in several forms of training.  All new drivers are classroom and field trained and tested.  Classroom training includes DOT mandated training alongside Diesel Direct’s own policies and procedures.  Extensive field training using both our simulator and delivery truck ensures that our drivers are not only ready to deliver products safely and efficiently, but also prepared to respond appropriately to any issue they may encounter, without hesitation.

Safety Meetings

Diesel Direct Training Simulator

Diesel Direct Training Simulator

Safety meetings are regularly held at every Diesel Direct location to discuss past, current and future topics of importance.


Communication always has been and always will be an integral part of risk management.  Our Management and Operations teams are continuously communicating with employees and customers as to the importance of safety and compliance in order to create the safest work environment possible for everyone. The Diesel Direct Operations Team evaluates all incidents, accidents, near misses and new programs and procedures in addition to conducting site evaluations prior to diesel fuel delivery.

Emergency Response

All Diesel Direct trucks are equipped with numerous safety mechanisms and supplies to mitigate any minor mishap that may occur.  Every Diesel Direct driver is trained how to use those items to prevent, stop & contain when necessary.  In addition, every Diesel Direct office has an on-duty supervisor that is equipped with specialized equipment to quickly respond to any emergency involving diesel fuel delivery.

Here is some information about emergency weather and business continuity programs.

Relationship with our Insurance Company

Diesel Direct is fortunate to have an exceptional insurance company - Energi - that provides constant communication and resources for our risk management program.  We work hand in hand with our insurance company to limit any and all possible risks from top to bottom.


This commitment to risk management has earned Diesel Direct an excellent reputation in the diesel fuel delivery industry.