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Go Beyond Ordinary Diesel…

RoadChamp is our proprietary premium diesel fuel.  It is designed to provide you with a high performance diesel fuel year round.  Not all diesel fuel is the same and this is why we are proud to provide our customers with a high quality multifunctional diesel fuel like RoadChamp. 

How is RoadChamp different from other fuels?

  • RoadChamp is a premium product
  • Consistent use of RoadChamp can result in an overall cleaner fuel system, plus longer filter and injector maintenance cycles  
  • It is seasonally customized to provide you with a high performing diesel fuel in any weather  
  • Helps to maintain fuel economy at an optimum level

Performance Features:

Enhanced Winter Operability

During winter months, RoadChamp is adjusted to improve your fuel’s winter operability.  This helps maximize cold weather protection while reducing dependency on kerosene blending.  In addition, our de-icer helps to prevent icing throughout the fuel system safely through the use of a jet fuel type deicer loaded at 4x the protection.  For extreme winter weather, we also offer a diesel fuel emergency treatment called Winter’z Edge.  Click here to find out more.

Utilize Diesel Direct’s extensive supply and delivery capabilities and you will have access to the fuel you need!  Our fleet of customized trucks and transports are always ready to serve you with the most efficient diesel fuel delivery, mobile fleet fueling, and the highest quality fuel.  Contact us today to learn about more about RoadChamp and its benefits!