Diesel Direct

Safety and Training

Safety begins before the first day and continues throughout employment with DIESEL DIRECT

Extensive field training using both our simulator and delivery truck ensures that our drivers are not only ready to deliver products safely and efficiently, but also prepared to respond appropriately to any issue they may encounter, without hesitation. Diesel Direct provides you with service that allows you to feel safe. 

Prior to hire...

Safety begins before the first day of work at Diesel Direct
  • Diesel Direct drivers are screened to ensure that they have a valid commercial driver’s license and TWIC card (Transportation Worker’s Identification Card)
  • Classroom training includes DOT mandated training alongside the policies and procedures of Diesel Direct


Once hired, Diesel Direct drivers go through extensive training consisting of instructional videos, written training and exams, and receive education on Energi - the leading provider of specialized insurance and risk management solutions that target specific segments of the energy industry. Our close relationship with Energi helps us to fulfill the needs of our clients and has earned us high ranking credibility in the energy industry.

Supervised Training

For a minimum of at least 2 weeks before being allowed to go out on their own, all new drivers are trained by supervisors and current drivers on:

  • Handheld Technology Use and Trouble Shooting
  • How to properly complete paperwork
  • Customer Sites – locations, safety and environmental concerns
  • Diesel Direct Trucks – MidCom, Pro, Valves, etc.
  • Rack Training
Diesel-Trucks-Leaving-Shop1-1024x618 Technology

Safety Meetings

    Communication always has been and always will be an integral part of risk management. Management and Operations are continuously communicating with employees and customers as to the importance of safety and compliance. Our Safety meetings serve as a forum for such communication. 

    • Held at least once a quarter 
    • Discussion of past, present and future topics including, but not limited to: Safety, Training and Regulations
    • Safety Simulator is brought to every meeting

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