Diesel Direct

Tank Monitoring

Gain complete and accurate inventory control in real time!


We offer a sophisticated tank monitoring technology for use on fuel and generator tanks of all sizes.  This technology provides easy and automatic monitoring of fuel levels to maximize savings.  It both monitors the fuel levels of the tank and keeps us informed about the exact fuel levels inside your tank so we can accurately schedule refueling.  You will always get the right amount of fuel at the right time!

Tank monitoring Volume History

Our technology will provide you with all essential tank details including:

  • Summary of all tank locations with GPS tracking on each tank monitor
  • Tank names and fuel types
  • Tank capacity levels
  • Current level readings on a daily basis 
  • Capabilities of setting alarm notifications based on product temperature and level

Save money and increase delivery efficiency with our tank technology!

Running out of fuel is a problem which could ruin your day. With natural disasters and lots of unforseeable complications, don't you want to take every measure to make sure your fuel supply is not an issue? Always having the right supply of fuel on-site takes planning and can be greatly assisted with the use of our sophisticated tank monitoring technology. Plus, tank monitoring can help facilitate deliveries during emergencies!  Let Diesel Direct monitor your tanks or if you prefer, you can access the Diesel Direct tank monitoring online site to review your own tank details!  

Our system enables you to monitor all your tanks quickly and easily in the same place!


Always have the fuel you need!

  • Gain highly accurate inventory control
  • Make fewer unnecessary trips to top off tanks
  • Avoid having to stick the tanks for fuel levels
  • Minimize down time so your site operates at optimal performance
  • Avoid the issues associated with running out of fuel