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Data Driven Fueling Solutions

Diesel Direct’s data driven fleet fueling solutions provide you the leverage you need to efficiently and cost effectively fuel your fleet while gaining the knowledge you need to manage consumption and compliance. Because of the technology in our trucks and back office systems, Diesel Direct is able to provide data after the fill up to enable management of your fleet.

Continuously investing in our state of the art proprietary end-to-end fuel system and technology

This system allows Diesel Direct to capture the information needed to understand fleet fueling consumption, refueling planning, and billing or bill back support and the compliance evidence needed to operate your business. Our system and our process allow us to track each gallon of fuel or DEF as it is deployed by asset including on-road vehicles, construction vehicles, tanks, transports, generators or refrigeration trailers.

Equipped For Service

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA Every Diesel Direct truck is equipped with a computer and every driver is equipped with a scanner to accurately record the gallons that are dispensed into your trucks' fuel tanks. This proprietary technology was developed over the years in partnership with our vendors and provides our customers with accurate data for billing and record keeping for fuel tax reporting. We bar code your truck fleet and scan each vehicle every time we make a delivery. Additionally, our trucks are equipped with GPS transmitters and smart phones that complete the technology circle. We collect all the data needed for a secure and accurate delivery system.Technology Our customer portal is your view into your fleet’s fuel consumption activities.

Reliable Service

Our goal is to ensure that your data is provided to you when you need it; in the form you need it. We can also provide feeds of your data in most industry formats to meet your reporting, planning & budgeting needs. Call us to find out how we can help you manage your fleet. Our philosophy is to bring technology to our business model that creates value for our customers. If the technology makes your fleet more efficient, you can be sure that we are looking to implement that technology at Diesel Direct.

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