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In addition to our state-of-the-art fueling programs both locally and nationwide, our investments in technology and innovation truly set us apart. Technology drives our entire business strategy. As a result, we have streamlined the entire fueling process to bring you reliability, scalability, transparency and greater fuel intelligence. Our closed-loop system captures the entire fueling process from customer onboarding to invoicing automatically.


Our proprietary Fuel Intelligence Portal enables:

  • Tracking of each part of the transaction - the time we arrive on site and including each asset fueled (including tanks, generators, refrigeration trailers, customer equipment, etc
  • Secure sign-in to access to your data including - delivery tickets, invoices, detailed reports for IFTA, mileage analysis, and asset management
  • Auditable fuel data - helps to understand maintenance needs, fueling schedules and lowering tax profiles

Having this information at your fingertips helps to increase productivity, transparency and cost management.


Each of our trucks is equipped with the latest technology to allow for secure delivery and secure data transfer. Our automated process provides our drivers with a clear view of all essential information regarding their inventory, truck routes and deliveries, customer profiles and schedules. Our sealed meters ensure accurate accounting of product dispensed. This capability ensures that our systems and operating personnel are tracking your fueling events and transactions in real-time, providing you with auditable end-to-end information.


Diesel Direct has invested in the future with FUELLOC®, a leading-edge technology that provides detailed fuel reporting straight from every truck and on-site tank in your environment. FUELLOC measures the fuel as it is dispensed – keeping track of fuel consumption and providing critical data on usage. The completely automated business process is built to securely and safely capture real-time data at the truck or tank and transmit to our secure cloud platform. In order to provide all our customers with the same level of service, we offer this platform to our partners. Our data integration strategy and competencies include the whole supply chain from receiving truck transactions with an industry-leading catalog of data integration options.


The smarter the data, the greater your fuel intelligence. By gathering and transforming data into customizable reports, you gain greater insights info fuel costs and consumption. This enables you to take advantage of all the latest advancements in technology to:

  • Receive automated end-to-end data collection
  • Access auditable reporting
  • Analyze asset fuel consumption
  • Budget for future fueling needs

For more information about technology, click here. Learn more about our technology and fueling solutions today! Contact our knowledgeable sales professionals by calling 1-888-900-7787 or by sending us an email through our contact page.

FUELLOC® is a registered trademark of FUELLOC, LLC.