Diesel Direct


Products have always been competitively priced, and my daily deliveries are always on time. It is truly a pleasure to conduct business with a company that seems genuinely interested in delivering great service and caring for their customers. I highly recommend Diesel Direct for on-site fueling needs.
John Shallenberger, Director of Transportation
 The Sygma Network, Inc. of Northern California
The DEF replenishment process we have engaged with Diesel Direct for our Direct Store Delivery fleet has been received very well by our facility managers. This puts them at ease knowing each piece of equipment requiring the DEF is properly filled and is in the correct tank. Not needing to store DEF onsite has removed the worry of any mishaps or issues while handling the product.
Jeffrey D. Jones, Sr. Manager LogOps 
Kraft Foods Global, Inc
Diesel Direct’s DEF replenishment service relieved us of the responsibility of storing the product and the handling of the product by our drivers or service personnel. Diesel Direct has trained drivers delivering this product into our equipment and doing it safely. We no longer worry about the splash back or contamination as the product could cause serious harm with an active ammonium component in DEF...Diesel Direct is truly providing us a highly reliable and valuable service.
John Ditmars, Vice President Of Operations
 Dunkin Donuts North East Distribution Center
Diesel Direct was able to satisfy our unique fueling needs. We load all night long and always have several trucks in the loading bay, which cannot be fueled until the vehicles are out of the building. The fueling process requires timing, patience, and coordination with our staff. The cooperation and flexibility that we get from Diesel Direct is extraordinary. They always get the job done and never let us down. Reliability is critical to our operation and they deliver.
Dave Bergin, 
The Diesel Direct team is a pleasure to work with. They provide reliable and safe on-site fuel delivery to many of our key operating sites where we don’t currently have capability for bulk fueling, at a fair price, enabling us to keep our trucks in motion serving the customer.
Joe Broski, Sr. Sourcing Manager, 
Fuel and Oil Procurement
 Republic Services
Our customers expect superior service, and we deliver. We expect the same from our vendors every day of the week. Diesel Direct is a vendor that delivers like we do. Three times per week they fuel our fleet, and never miss. Every morning our trucks and drivers are ready to distribute our products throughout New England. The bitter cold of last winter never stopped our fleet from performing. Diesel Direct’s premium diesel fuel with winter additives pulled us through the cold without a hitch.
Leo Meehan, 
WB Mason
Rocha Transportation has been using Diesel Direct for more than four years to on site fuel its trucks. Their service has been excellent. The end result is we have more productive drivers who spend more time producing revenue and less time in line waiting to fuel their trucks.
Sam Cross, Safety Manager 
Rocha Transportation