Diesel Direct

Welcome Worley & Obetz Customers

We look forward to the opportunity to serve you.

Diesel Direct, the nation’s largest onsite mobile fueling company, has agreed to purchase the assets of the former Worley & Obetz.  Diesel Direct has been serving the Pennsylvania market for more than a decade and will make the former Worley & Obetz Manheim location the new Diesel Direct headquarters for Pennsylvania and operate all services from this facility.

All former Worley & Obetz employees are strongly encouraged to contact Diesel Direct and Rhoads Energy about employment opportunities.  Both Diesel Direct and Rhoads Energy say the purchase will generate more jobs locally for technicians, drivers, and other personnel.

For employment opportunities with Diesel Direct, please contact us through the web form located here.

For fleet fueling services or commercial service for storage tanks, please call 888-900-7787 or fill out our web form located here.

For home heating oil, please call 717-665-0022 or 570-731-4917.  Additionally, you can visit www.choosevalueenergy.com.

For HVAC or propane, please visit: https://www.rhoadsenergy.com/