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The Additive Solution to Combat Diesel Fuel’s Worst Enemy…

Dry Edge is designed to solve negative issues caused by water.  Dry Edge provides enhanced moisture control and can reduce water contamination in fuel tanks, generators, and storage tanks.  The product is free of harmful alcohols and formulated to complement Diesel Direct’s RoadChamp® premium diesel or other diesel fuels including ULSD, biodiesel blends, and 100% diesel. 


Product Benefits…

Dry Edge Moisture Control

    • When used consistently, works to eliminate moisture and water buildup in bulk storage and saddle tanks
    • Helps remove water from the fuel system
    • Can inhibit the growth of bacteria and microbial contamination 
    • Moisture control helps prevent fuel system icing 



Dry Edge is available in gallon size or quart size bottles which can easily be added to the fuel.  Each gallon of Dry Edge treats up to 1,000 gallons of ULSD and each quart can treat up to 250 gallons of ULSD.  Dry Edge should be poured into the bulk tank or vehicle tank prior to loading fuel.  Adding Dry Edge into the fuel is simple, but should you have any questions, Diesel Direct professionals are happy to assist you.  

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Help protect your diesel fuel all year long with this very effective moisture control product!  Contact our knowledgeable sales professionals to find out more about Dry Edge today by calling 1-888-900-7787 or by sending us an email through our contact page.