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The Solution for Long-Term Fuel Storage …

Fuel’z Edge is our proprietary formula designed to clean, stabilize, and provide cold weather protection for diesel fuel stored in generator tanks as well as fuel tanks of all sizes ranging from large bulk tanks to small skid tanks.

Product Benefits…

    • Advanced detergents to help clean and keep fuel injectors clean  
    • Cold weather protection to help reduce kerosene blending
    • Helps lower pour point by up to 20ºF  
    • Works to maximize fuel economy and enhance filter life
    • Moisture control helps prevent fuel system icing
    • Complements biodiesel blends


Diesel Direct at terminal


Fuel’z Edge is available in gallon size or quart size bottles which can easily be added to the fuel.  Each gallon of Fuel’z Edge treats 1,500 to 2,500 gallons of ULSD and each quart can treat up to 500 gallons of ULSD.  Adding Fuel’z Edge into the fuel is simple, but should you have any questions, Diesel Direct professionals are happy to assist you.  

Click the first icon below to learn more about the treatment rate and specific properties of Fuel’z Edge and the second icon to read the full Safety Data Sheet.  

Fuelz Edge JPEGFuelz Edge Safety Data Sheet