Diesel Direct

Diesel Direct Panelist at the Annual Energi Summit

October 17, 2014

Every year Energi, a leading provider of risk management and insurance programs for companies in the energy industry, holds a large summit that lasts for 5 days. This year’s event was held in San Antonio, Texas, and the theme was Pioneering the North American Energy Industry. The summit featured over 100 speakers from all sectors of the energy and insurance industries and over 750 participants.

Overall, there was a diverse and interesting group of energy related experts. Opening remarks were presented by Energi CEO Brian McCarthy and James Townsend, Chairman of the Board and CEO of Townsend Energy. Former New England Patriots player Matt Light discussed some of his unique experiences. Additionally, on the final day of the summit, a keynote speech was given by President George W. Bush that was followed by a very open and engaging Q&A session.

Diesel Direct Safety and Compliance Manager, Amanda Cola, was a panelist at the event in a session entitled “A Policyholder’s Role in Effective Claims Management & Handling Services: Benefits and Case Studies”. The discussion focused on all lines of claims with an emphasis on Workers’ Compensation.

The event fostered a great sharing of energy related news from industries across North America with a strong focus on issues affecting the energy industry such as Cyber Security, Energy Independence, and Health Care Reform.

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