Diesel Direct

Benefits of a Fuel Management System

November 27, 2017

Managing fuel consumption, distribution and storage can be a challenge to track. With a variety of assets and types, and your fleet on the go, there are many important components. Implementing a fuel management solution like FUELLOC by Diesel Direct solves the challenges associated with managing fueling assets.

Key benefits of FUELLOC include:

  1. Security - Only authorized vehicles are dispensed fuel and are associated with a fuel type to provide the correct type. All applications require a username and password, there’s also an option to have a drive enter a personal pin.
  1. Inventory Control – Real-time data reflects accurate tracking of the gallons flowing form the tank or dispenser.
  1. Versatility – All types of liquid can be managed and tracked through FUELLOC including on and off-road diesel, gasoline, bio blends, propane, heating oil or diesel exhaust fluid.
  1. Easy Installation – The installation process is simple, straightforward, and provides easy user management. Our team of dedicated technicians are available 24/7 to provide service support.
  1. Real-Time Data Management – Our cloud based platform, Fuel Intelligence, is a user-friendly interface to receive all information regarding FUELLOC and fueling activity.
  1. Long-Lasting Solution – FUELLOC is both sleek and durable. Its construction is built to withstand extreme weather.

Contact us today or call 1-888-900-7787 to learn more about how FUELLOC can help you track your fuel consumption, distribution, and storage with a long-lasting solution with the best cloud based intelligence portal.