Diesel Direct

CAUTION: Arctic Blasts Ahead

November 09, 2017

According to The Weather Channel, the Northeast and Midwest are expected to see potentially record-setting subfreezing temperatures this weekend. Is your fleet prepared? A couple days of freezing temperatures can cause some potential issues for your trucks, including freeze-ups and no starts. Freeze ups are usually preventable with some fleet housekeeping.

The best housekeeping tip we can offer is to address water in your fuel, NOW!

While water is a year-round contaminant for diesel fuel, freezing temperatures pose serious issues for the entire fuel system. Ice particles can cause filters to become blocked and prevent the fuel from flowing freely to the fuel injectors. If you haven’t already, drain the water separator, saddle tanks, and change filters to the largest micron filter allowed per your manufacturer.

Diesel also contains wax, which can cause fuel to gel when temperatures begin to fall. The best defense against gelling is to treat your fuel before the temperatures fall. Diesel Direct offers a proprietary premium diesel fuel called RoadChamp®. During winter months, RoadChamp is adjusted to improve your fuel’s winter operability. In the most extreme temperatures, we offer an emergency treatment called Winter’z Edge. This proprietary fuel additive helps melt frozen fuel filters and return fuel to a liquid state.

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