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Qt-Bottle-Winter'z-Edge1Winter’z Edge is formulated to safely and economically give you an edge when extreme winter weather challenges your fuel performance. This product is a powerful diesel fuel emergency treatment.  It can be used both to treat your diesel if extreme sustained cold approaches or be poured into your tank to dissolve clouded fuel due to extreme cold temperatures. Winter’z Edge is designed to complement Diesel Direct’s RoadChamp® premium diesel or other diesel fuels that contain biodiesel blends or aftermarket fuel additives.  Winter’z Edge is a unique formulation providing excellent winter performance with a wide range of diesel fuels including hard to treat high wax fuels.

Performance benefits:Winter'z-Edge-Fuel-Emergency-Treatment

    • Helps melt frozen fuel filters
    • Helps restore fuel to liquid state
    • Effective in diesel fuels including biodiesel blends  
    • Helps disperse water  
    • Free of harmful alcohols  
    • Complements Diesel Direct’s RoadChamp premium diesel



Winter’z Edge is a powerful and versatile product that can be used in diesel fuel in trucks, construction equipment, generators, skid tanks and other larger ground tanks.  Mixing Winter’z Edge is quick and easy as each 32 ounce bottle of Winter’z Edge can treat 125 gallons of fuel and can be poured directly into the fuel tanks.   Should you have any questions about treating your fuel with Winter’z Edge, Diesel Direct professionals are available to assist you.    

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Help protect your fuel this winter with the best emergency fuel treatment on the market!  Contact our knowledgeable sales professionals to find out more about Winter’z Edge today by calling 1-888-900-7787 or by sending us an email through our contact page.