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Celebrating Cynthia Montgomery: 15 Years of Service

May 19, 2023

🎉 Celebrating Cynthia Montgomery: 15 Years of Service 🎉

Today, we honor Cynthia as she reaches a remarkable milestone of 15 years with us. Her dedication, passion, and exceptional contributions have been invaluable to sales admin teams success. We are truly grateful to have Cynthia as part of our journey.

Cynthia's journey with us started 15 years ago when she joined part-time, handling payroll. Her skills and commitment quickly impressed us, leading to a full-time role as an office manager for our Diesel Direct West Branch. Over time, she became an integral part of our National Sales Admin team, demonstrating exceptional work as the office manager.

Along her remarkable journey, Cynthia encountered a significant obstacle that became a turning point for her. When she decided to move her family and pursue a new opportunity in Virginia, something unexpected happened. Recognizing Cynthia's invaluable contributions, we reached out to her about our beliefs in her capabilities and offered her a position on the Sales Admin team remotely. This act of recognition and support reaffirmed Cynthia's dedication to Diesel Direct, motivating her to continue giving her best.

Cynthia's gratitude shines through as she appreciates the opportunity to work from home, enabling her to be close to her family in Virginia. Her enthusiasm for her job and our company is unmatched, fueling her dedication each day.

In addition to her professional achievements, Cynthia values her family deeply, especially her children. Seeing her daughter, Jessica, also become part of our team and witnessing her children embody the same work ethic fills Cynthia with immense pride.

Looking ahead, Cynthia envisions continued growth and success for Diesel Direct as she plays an integral part of the acquisition team. Her unwavering commitment and passion for her work set her on a path of continuous professional development.

Cynthia's positivity, dedication, and exemplary work ethic inspires us all. Congratulations and heartfelt gratitude to Cynthia for being an invaluable member of our team!