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Decoding the Exemptions: Navigating California's Revised Diesel Regulations

August 29, 2023

California continues to lead the way in environmental reforms. In its sustained commitment to a greener environment, the state has unveiled its latest amendments targeting requirements for off-road fleets. We’re pleased to provide an insightful update on these amendments and illustrate how they align with our product line, especially our Neste My Renewable Diesel offering.

A Glimpse into the Amendments

On August 18, 2023, with the approval of The Office of Administrative Law (OAL) and after filing with the Secretary of State, these amendments targeting greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions came into existence. Today, we delve into the particulars of these regulations and what they signify for off-road fleets, especially in context with Diesel Direct's offerings.

Deciphering the Details

The crux behind updating the regulations are:

- To substantially cut down nitrogen-oxides (NOx) emissions.

- To minimize particulate matter (PM) emissions from off-road diesel vehicles.

Meeting these goals means phasing out older vehicle models and making a pivotal switch to eco-friendlier alternatives. And this is where Diesel Direct, with our sustainable product line including Neste My Renewable Diesel, can play a pivotal role.

Specifications of the Regulation

These amendments have chalked out clear phase-out timelines based on engine tiers, model years, and fleet sizes:

Large & Medium Fleets: From January 1, 2024, these entities cannot incorporate vehicles with Tier 3 or Tier 4 interim engines. They are directed towards adopting vehicles with Tier 4 final engines or advanced models. Diesel Direct can assist in this transition by providing efficient fuel solutions tailored for these engine types.

Small Fleets: The approach here is phased. By 2024, Tier 3 engines will be obsolete. The primary move will be towards Tier 4 interim engines or superior. Come January 1, 2028, and even Tier 4 interim engines will be sidelined, steering fleets towards Tier 4 final engines or beyond. Diesel Direct stands ready to support with bespoke fuel solutions for each transition phase.


1. Diesel vehicles used solely for personal purposes without commercial or governmental affiliations.
2. Locomotives.
3. Vessels involved in commercial maritime activities.
4. Marine engines.
5. Recreational off-road vehicles.
6. Combat and tactical equipment.
7. Stationary machinery.
8. Selected categories of portable equipment.
9. Tools and machinery dedicated to agricultural tasks.
10. Traditional farming tools and implements.
11. Equipment under specific guidelines, including:
- Trucks and Buses.
- Cargo Operations at Ports and Rail Centers.
- Fleets associated with Public Utilities and Agencies.

The Shift to Renewable Diesel

One of the groundbreaking shifts in this regulation is the diesel type. Starting January 1, 2024, fleets will have to use R99 or R100 renewable diesel for their operations in California. This is where Diesel Direct's offering of Neste My Renewable Diesel becomes invaluable. Our product not only adheres to these regulations but also offers a sustainable and efficient fueling solution, contributing to a greener California.


California's drive to mitigate harmful emissions and tread a green path is evident. These rigorous amendments echo the state's sustainable vision. At Diesel Direct, we're not just observers but active participants in this environmental journey, offering products like Neste My Renewable Diesel that perfectly align with California's green aspirations. Stay informed, stay green, and let's drive the change together! Contact us Today for all your Renewable Diesel Needs (888)900-7787

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