Diesel Direct

Fuel and DEF Delivery services to be transitioned from Shipley Energy to Diesel Direct

December 26, 2018

On behalf of Shipley Energy and Diesel Direct, we are pleased to announce your fuel and DEF delivery services will be transitioned to Diesel Direct. At Shipley Energy, the process to find a partner that could provide the same level of products and services you have been accustomed to with Shipley over the years was done with great care. In Diesel Direct, we have found an experienced partner who not only is the leading national provider of onsite mobile refueling services but has made a significant investment in our region over the last decade and recently with its purchase of the Worley & Obetz assets.

Starting on December 29th, 2018, Diesel Direct will be your on-site mobile fueling provider. Shipley Energy will continue its residential, wholesale and other commercial business in the region. During this transition, Shipley Energy and Diesel Direct personnel will work closely together to ensure that all your needs are serviced without interruption.

Diesel Direct’s core company foundation is built on servicing each customer’s needs and reliably supplying fuel one gallon at a time. Diesel Direct services tens of thousands of trucks, tanks, boats, and other assets each day from a fleet of customized fueling trucks, and also offers disaster management programs, Diesel Exhaust Fluid (DEF), generator services, specialized additives, a green portfolio of products and services, and fuel intelligence systems.

We are making great efforts to ensure that your needs are met, questions and concerns are answered, and that you are completely satisfied with this exciting change. Your new Diesel Direct Sales Manager will be contacting you over the coming days to ensure that you receive the best service moving forward and that we answer any needs you may have. For orders, please email orders@dieseldirect.com or call +1 (888) 900-7787 to reach Diesel Direct with any questions.

Shipley Energy has been honored to have you as a customer and Diesel Direct will make every effort to earn your trust and business in the coming days. We look forward to transitioning this mutually beneficial relationship with you. If you have any questions or comments, please don’t hesitate to contact our teams.