Diesel Direct

You DEFinitely Need to Hear these Tips!

January 12, 2016

In previous blogs, we have discussed how Diesel Direct is taking strides to make our Earth a greener place by providing the best fuels available. In our effort to “go green,” Diesel Direct proudly provides Diesel Exhaust Fluid (DEF). DEF is a non-hazardous solution of water and urea that is injected into the exhaust steam of diesel vehicles. DEF is used to break down and remove harmful emissions from diesel engines before they are released into the environment. As the weather changes and more extreme conditions are on its way, it is imperative to know how to properly handle your DEF.

At Diesel Direct, we pride ourselves in being your DEF professionals. We know DEF inside and out, and with winter about to be in full swing, we would like to share five of our company’s tips on how to protect your DEF during the cold weather.

  1. Use a proper container: DEF should be stored in containers made of stainless steel or high density polyethylene. Other materials may contaminate the DEF.
  1. Leave space in the DEF tank: In order to prevent cracking in the storage tank, make sure to leave space in the DEF tank for expansion. When DEF freezes, it can expand as much as 7 percent.
  1. Let it thaw naturally: DEF turns to slush at 32 degrees Fahrenheit and freezes at 12 degrees Fahrenheit. Because DEF is water based, the quality or performance is not affected when it freezes. So if the DEF does freeze, let it thaw naturally.
  1. Check the expiration date: DEF can go bad due to the urea degrading over time. The typical shelf life is around 12 months. In order to maintain a healthy shelf life, keep DEF containers away from direct sunlight and make sure the area where it is stored does not exceed the temperature of 86 degrees Fahrenheit.
  1. Buy a tote blanket: The purpose of a tote blanket is to keep the pump warm in order to prevent the DEF from freezing or turning to slush.

Although these are all great tips, we highly recommend acquiring a tote blanket. This will save you the time and the trouble of waiting for your DEF to thaw out if it freezes. You can buy a tote blanket directly from Diesel Direct. Call us at 888-900-7787 or email us today to learn more about protecting your DEF and to purchase your own tote blanket.