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January 19, 2016

Every winter is different. Even though the season officially began about a month ago, the lack of winter so far may have fooled us into thinking we won’t see any bad weather. With that being said, it is time to prepare for winter conditions NOW! Diesel Direct and our premium diesel is your best bet to help you get through the winter.

Our diesel stands out against our competitors’ diesel for multiple reasons:

  • Our diesel, RoadChamp, provides high quality operability performance utilizing two chemical components:
    1. The first component reduces the Cold Filter Plug Point (CFPP) of the fuel. The CFPP refers to the lowest temperature at which fuel will still flow through the fuel filter.
    2. The second component in our diesel fuel helps to separate the wax that falls out of the diesel due to temperatures in the single digits. This is beneficial because separating the wax allows the diesel to flow through the fuel filter at temperatures below the CFPP rating. Our diesel products’ CFPP vary depending on needs and location.
  • We offer a product to target moisture. Moisture is the number one winter operability problem fleets face today. Our product, Winter’z Edge, can help!

At Diesel Direct, we strive to deliver the best and Winter’z Edge is winter’s best. We believe every fleet we fuel should have it in its arsenal. Unlike our competitors, our formula contains no harmful alcohols. Alcohol dries out components, reduces lubricity, and is highly flammable. As our formula is alcohol free, it allows for safer storage.

You can look straight into the eyes of winter storms with less trepidation with our help. Call us at 888-900-7787 or email us today to learn more about how our diesel is a step above the rest in the cold months and to see how Winter’z Edge will complement your fuel this winter.