Diesel Direct

Introducing Our DEF Consumption Calculator!

March 26, 2014

We are excited to present a new feature we now offer on the Diesel Direct website: a Diesel Exhaust Fluid Consumption Calculator! Since all trucks made in 2010 and after require DEF, it is becoming an essential item for more and more of our customers. This is why we wanted to offer a way to help you understand your DEF requirements and properly prepare your DEF supply!

This calculator is designed to help you calculate your annual and monthly DEF usage. All you need to do is plug in the number of vehicles in your fleet that require DEF, the annual mileage per vehicle, and the average miles per gallon of those vehicles, and voilà, you will see how much DEF you need so you can properly plan your purchases. Click here to try out our calculator!

Once you calculate your DEF usage, contact us to find out about DEF DirectSM and how we can replenish your Diesel Exhaust Fluid on a regular basis, so you can save time for other important tasks! We also can provide DEF in totes, drums, and jugs, if you prefer. Visit our DEF page for a more detailed description of all of our DEF offerings.