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Understanding a Common Culprit for Lost MPG: Asphaltene

April 02, 2014

Do you see black specs floating in your fuel? Does your diesel fuel appear discolored and darker than normal or are your fuel filters black? Do you notice you are losing MPG? Asphaltene might be your problem!

This particular issue has become a widespread problem in recent years. Most trucks manufactured after 2002 contain a common rail injector and it is this equipment that is oftentimes responsible for creating destructive asphaltenes.

Fuel Scorching Leads to Asphaltene Buildup

Simply put, the injector operates with a large amount of pressure and at a very high temperature and unfortunately it can scorch the fuel. This burning can create a black asphaltene buildup. The small pieces of asphaltenes, which contain carbon, group together forming larger clusters that can even plug the fuel filters and lead to a shorter filter life. This can cause lost MPG in your vehicle and that means you are wasting money and not getting the most out of your fuel.

Asphaltenes can be present any time of year and is all too common so be on the lookout! You should know that if you have asphaltenes, they won’t go away on their own and need to be treated by a fuel professional. If you believe you may be experiencing this issue, contact us today so that we inspect your equipment and properly treat your problem.

Using the Proper Additive in Fleet Fueling

Once the asphaltenes have been removed from your vehicle, it is important to use preventative measures to help keep this from happening again. One way to help avoid this problem is to keep your fuel filters clean by using a diesel fuel with an additive that contains cleaning properties. This is one of the reasons that we use an additive in our fuel year round that works as a detergent to keep your fuel filters clear and help prevent asphaltenes from building up. Click here to learn how our powerful fuel conditioner package called RoadChampTM works.