Diesel Direct

On-site Tanks and Tank Monitoring Will Help You Always Have the Fuel You Need

April 16, 2015

It seems like the so-called “Sprinter” (when it is technically spring but it feels like winter) is over and the real spring weather has truly reached us! Most of those of you working in businesses with a lot of outdoor work are probably incredibly busy these days. If you manage a golf course or work at a company which provide landscaping or construction services, you probably can barely keep up with a tidal wave of things to do.

All of your machines, equipment, and vehicles are likely running at their maximum capacity, and this means you are surely burning a lot of fuel. Running out of fuel during your overscheduled day at the golf course is a complication which could ruin the rest of your day, right? With a busy construction and landscaping season starting and lots of unforeseeable complications, don't you want to take every measure to make sure your fuel supply is not an issue?

Have you thought of an on-site tank at your job site? We can provide these highly durable tanks to your site so that you have your own fuel source. Our tanks feature:

  • Built in pump and meter
  • Sturdy double wall steel structure
  • 100% portable
  • Optional state of the art tank monitoring technology

Always having the right supply of fuel on-site takes planning and can be greatly assisted with the use of our sophisticated tank monitoring technology. Our easy and automatic monitoring of fuel levels will provide all the important details regarding your tanks. This information will help us accurately schedule deliveries so that you always have a proper fuel supply.

If Diesel Direct is supplying, delivering, and managing the diesel fuel for your golf course or landscaping company, you can be worry free! Contact our Sales Department today to learn more!