Diesel Direct

Start the Spring with an On-Site Tank

April 23, 2014

Spring is finally here and after a long snowy winter, construction and landscaping companies are busy with outdoor work. They are likely running their machines at a maximum capacity and using a large amount of fuel to do it. This is why now is the perfect time to consider one of the newest additions to our suite of products and services: on-site fuel tanks.

Our portable skid tanks are made of top grade steel, are very durable, and can store your choice of on-road or off-road diesel fuel. The double-wall skid tanks we offer hold up to 500 gallons and feature a pump, hose, and mechanical meter. We also offer larger on-site tanks for fuel storage purposes.

Our high quality, sturdy tanks provide a convenient fuel supply that often complements the fuel already provided to our fleet fueling customers. Smaller fleets needing fuel less frequently often consider a skid tank at their site to improve efficiency by cutting down on the days of fueling service they require. Visit our new webpage to learn more about why you may need a tank for your site.

If you consider our skid tanks for fuel storage, you should know there are additional features that can be integrated including our BARLOC fuel management system and tank monitoring technology. BARLOC will provide you with security and enhanced fuel management and our tank monitoring technology can provide you with streamlined inventory monitoring of your fuel to help you maximize your savings.

Find out why so many of our customers are benefitting from an additional source of fuel in between our regularly scheduled visits. Visit our new webpage providing general information about skid tanks and contact us for more detailed information about our tank options!