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Tis the Season to Prepare for Freezing!

September 09, 2013

Although it may not yet be cold enough to be donning our winter garb, the fall season brings the potential for over-night frosts. Now is the time to begin thinking about winter protection for your diesel tanks for the cold winter that lies just around the corner.

In previous posts this summer, we have discussed the dangers of microbial contamination produced from water and condensation entering diesel tanks due to heat and humidity. Cold temperatures and frost, not unlike heat and humidity, can also cause tank-damaging effects that will compromise the efficiency of your diesel engines.

Gelling diesel fuel on filter

Diesel fuel contains Paraffin Wax for lubricity and viscosity. Despite its functional purpose, when exposed to cold temperatures, this wax can thicken causing a "gelling" effect. In even colder conditions the gelling can progress to what is know as "The Cloud Point." At this point, the wax forms into a crystal-like state causing the fuel to appear to be cloudy. When these crystals clump together the fuel solidifies causing filter clogging, which will eventually prevent your engine from running.

Fortunately, Diesel Direct customers can rest assured knowing that our supply of premium diesel fuel has been treated to prevent crystals from clumping. These additives used in our winter blends, along with proper tank maintenance involving fuel sampling and testing, are just another way that Diesel Direct is able to help keep your assets fueled and ready for use when and where you need them most!

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